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A Simple Phabricator Conduit Client
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Ponduit is a simple Powershell based Phabricator Conduit Client. It enables you to interact with all known Conduit Methods.

To get started read the about_Ponduit page.

Installation (Recommended Way)

  • Make sure you use PowerShell 5.0 or higher with $PSVersionTable.
  • Use the builtin PackageManagement and install with: Install-Module Ponduit
  • Done. Start exploring the Module with Import-Module Ponduit ; Get-Command -Module Ponduit

Manual Way

  • Take a look at the Latest Release page.
  • Download the
  • Unpack the Zip and put it in your Powershell Module path.
    • Don't forget to change the NTFS permission flag in the context menu.
  • Start with Import-Module Ponduit
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