Mac homebrew tap for maintaining a stable work environment for the geospatial toolset
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NOTE: On March 28, 2014, this repository was moved from dakcarto's github account to OSGeo's.

Mac homebrew formula tap for maintaining a STABLE work environment for the geospatial toolset. This includes formulae that may not be specifically for an OSGeo project, but do extend the toolset's functionality.

These formulae may provide multiple versions of existing packages in the main homebrew taps. Such formulae are to temporarily ensure stability for the toolset, or to add extra options not found in the main taps. After such formulae are field-tested with the OSGeo toolset, pull requests will be created at the relevant upstream taps (when appropriate); then, if the requests are committed, the formulae removed from this tap.

How do I install these formulae?

Just brew tap osgeo/osgeo4mac and then brew install <formula>.

If you have previously tapped the dakcarto/osgeo4mac repository do:

brew untap dakcarto/osgeo4mac
brew tap osgeo/osgeo4mac
brew tap --repair

Warnings such as the following can be ignored:

  • Warning: Could not tap osgeo/osgeo4mac/gdal over Homebrew/homebrew/gdal

Those warnings just indicate formulae in this tap that shadow formulae in the main Homebrew tap, and will not overwrite them. If the formula conflicts with one from the main Homebrew tap or another tap you can install directly with:

brew install osgeo/osgeo4mac/<formula>

Important: use the above method to install shadow formula(e) from this tap, if desired, prior to installing formula that depend upon them. Since the conflicting formulae names are the same, formulae auto-installed via the depends_on statement will always default to the conflicting tap, not this one, i.e. conflicting formulae in this tap will not be used when auto-installing.

You can also install via URL:

brew install<formula>.rb

How do I use the Brewfiles?

If you have used brewfiles from this tap before, take note that the command is no longer in Homebrew. As such, the previously available brewfiles have been removed from this tap.


brew help, man brew, or the Homebrew documentation.