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Odysee iOS

GitHub license

The Odysee iOS app with wallet functionality.


The minimum supported iOS version is 13.0. You can install the app from the Apple App Store. You can also obtain early access releases by joining the TestFlight beta program.


The app can be launched by opening Odysee from the app list on your device.

Running from Source

Clone the repository and open the project in XCode. Click the Build and run current scheme button to build the project and launch the app in one of the available simulators or a connected device.

Setup Firebase

We use Firebase for analytics calls throughout the codebase. You'll need the Odysee/GoogleService-Info.plist file to exist for the Xcode project to compile. However, this file is in .gitignore, so you’ll need your own local copy after you clone this repo. Create it from the provided sample by running this command in the root directory:

cp ./Odysee/GoogleService-Info.plist.sample ./Odysee/GoogleService-Info.plist

Style and Formatting

We use SwiftFormat to enforce a consistent format for all Swift code. You can see our custom configuration in this repo’s .swiftformat file.

swiftformat . --lint must pass before merging to master. To run it locally, first install it using Mint and mint bootstrap --link, and then run swiftformat . which will automatically format all of your Swift code. If any of your default Xcode text editing preferences are inconsistent with SwiftFormat, you can update those on your machine under Xcode > Preferences > Text Editing. You can also optionally install the SwiftFormat Xcode plugin and bind that to a custom key binding or to the file-save event.


We ❤️ contributions from everyone and contributions to this project are encouraged, and compensated. We welcome bug reports, bug fixes and feedback is always appreciated. For more details, see

contributions welcome GitHub contributors


This project is MIT licensed. For the full license, see LICENSE.


We take security seriously. Please contact


The primary contact for this project is @akinwale (