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REDRIVER2 (Reverse-Engineered Driver 2)

Game running on Windows:

Game running in Firefox Web Browser:

Game running on Playstation (emulated)

Build status (Windows and Linux): Build status


  • This is an original game - it was carefully and completely disassembled and translated from MIPS back to C (except Memory Card menu) - no emulation involved
  • Game has been significantly improved over the original Playstation version, original bugs were fixed and completed some unfinished gameplay aspects
  • It now runs on Windows, Linux and soon to be on the other platforms (including backport to Playstation) and utilizes Psy-X (Psy-Cross) (formely extended TOMB5 emulator) as a layer for porting from Playstation
  • Basic modding support - with textures and models replacement provided with OpenDriver2Tools

How is it done?

  • All information (variables, types and function names) have been obtained from debugging symbols (.SYM), driver_psx_level and DLE
  • Ghidra project (based on Italian SYM) to deal with overlays, simple code complex branching - semi-auto decompilation
  • IDB based on Spanish SYM when dealing with things Ghidra can't handle properly - manual decompilation (mostly GTE code)


  • Feb 19, 2019 - created skeleton, one year long preparations
  • Mar 28, 2020 - started work on reimplementing the game, game intro running
  • Sep 19, 2020 - reimplementing game complete - game is fully playable
  • Jan 15, 2021 - refactoring complete

How to use

See Wiki/Installation Instructions

How can I contribute?

See Contributing to project page

What's next

  • OpenDriver2 project - complete rewrite with lots of new features such as new renderer and sound engine, Lua scripting, Driver 1 content support


  • SoapyMan - lead reverse engineer and programmer
  • Fireboyd78 - code refactoring and improvements
  • Krishty, someone972 - early formats decoding
  • Gh0stBlade - HLE Emulator code used as a base for Psy-Cross (link)
  • Ben Lincoln - This Dust Remembers What It Once Was (TDR)
  • Stohrendorf - Symdump utility