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  • Address mixed-case checksum
  • Address validation
  • RPC requests: validateAddress
  • Vote transaction type
  • Voting algorithm mechanism
  • Voting storing
  • Delegate rating calculation
  • Active delegates storing
  • Wallet balance calculation
  • Database: added Wallet entity
  • RPC requests: getWalletBalance
  • Sign data
  • Verify signed data
  • Define epoch duration in properties
  • Get current epoch height
  • Check if genesis block is needed
  • Sharing peers between nodes
  • Maintaining necessary connections count
  • Connection establishing logic
  • Scheduled check of connections
  • Reconnection logic
  • Generating private and public key pairs on app start and saving in a file if not existing
  • Shuffle active delegates
  • Transaction Merkle hash calculation
  • Block production
  • Block validation
  • Block, transaction, signature conversion from protobuff to the business object and vice versa
  • Accumulation of signatures from nodes
  • Block approving
  • Block applying by scheduling


  • Default account info is added to the doGenerateMaster end-point response
  • doGenerateMaster end-point renamed to doRestore
  • Blocks are divided by types: GenesisBlock and MainBlock


File Checksum (MD5)
open-chain-0.3.0.jar 8FAB1A77F8C836A9E78406F5F645F4BE
open-chain-0.3.0_installer-macos.dmg 9477B7E48F1558E9CC12AF335EE55528 0CD9E68407B949584CC2DC0953EFF5B1
open-chain-0.3.0_installer-windows-x64.exe 529BE770BF64216E3CE2EFDC9C007BF3
open-chain-0.3.0_portable-unix.tar.gz 8BA604CF2225CF1E3A687D564F3F887D 4A4ED7104EA3C48030660858D26866DF