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OpenIoT - The Open Source Internet of Things

OpenIoT is building a novel open source platform for the Internet-of-Things (IoT), which includes unique functionalities such as the capability to compose (dynamically and on-demand) non-trivial IoT services, following a cloud/utility based paradigm

OpenIoT is a joint effort of prominent open source contributors towards enabling a new range of open large scale intelligent IoT (Internet-of- things) applications according to a utility cloud computing delivery model.

For issues regarding the OpenIoT platform please use the OpenIoT developer’s mailing list: Directions on how to register to this mailing list can be found here

If you wish to be notified for releases/updates/news on OpenIoT, please e-mail


OpenIoT is developing a bluepring middleware infrastructure for implementing/integrating Internet-of-Things solutions. The OpenIoT infrastructure will provide the means for:

  • Collecting and processing data from virtually any sensor in the world, including physical devices, sensor processing algorithms, social media processing algorithms and more. Note that in OpenIoT the term sensor refers to any components that can provide observations. OpenIoT will facilitate the integration of the above sensors with only minimal effort (i.e. few man days effort) for implementing an appropriate access driver.
  • Semantically annotating sensor data, according to the W3C Semantic Sensor Networks (SSN) specifications.
  • Streaming the data of the various sensors to a cloud computing infrastructure.
  • Dynamically discovering/querying sensors and their data.
  • Composing and delivering IoT services that comprise data from multiple sensors.
  • Visualizing IoT data based on appropriate mashups (charts, graphs, maps etc.)
  • Optimizing resources within the OpenIoT middleware and cloud computing infrastructure.

OpenIoT combines and enhances results from leading edge middleware projects, such as the Global Sensor Networks (GSN) and the Linked Sensor Middleware (LSM) projects.

Stand up and be counted! If you're using OpenIoT already, we'd love to list you on the list of OpenIoT deployers.

EU Funded project: Contract No.: 287305, Objective: ICT-2011.1.3, Internetconnected Objects

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