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A privacy preserving NLP framework
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CI License Python 3.6

You can clone this repo and install SyferText by running:

$ git clone
$ cd SyferText
$ python install

Getting Started

SyferText can be used to work with strings residing on a local machine (or a local worker as we call it in PySyft), as well as with strings on remote workers.

To learn how to use SyferText for local string tokenization, you can refer to this tutorial.

For remote string tokenization, check out this tutorial.

More tutorials are coming soon. Stay tuned!

SyferText News?

If you have any questions, and wish to receive updates about SyferText news, features and tutorials. You can follow my twitter page.

For more updates on our activities at OpenMined and for getting exciting news and announcements about our different projects, you can follow our official twitter page, as well as OpenMined founder's twitter page.

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