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How to Report Bugs and Make Feature Requests

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How Do I Report a Bug?

You can report a bug by opening a new issue here. Please, make sure that you follow the template for bug reports and all sections have been completed:

  • Version of OpenNebula
  • Component
  • Brief description
  • Expected behavior
  • How to reproduce

After an internal analysis, a bug issue will be set to one of the following statuses:

  • Pending: needs to be verified
  • Accepted: the bug has been verified and a priority assigned based on its severity (Low, Normal, High)
  • Planned: (Accepted with a specific milestone)
  • Closed: the issue is fixed, could not be reproduced (worksforme) or duplicates another one

You can check our Vulnerability Management Process to know how to report a vulnerability privately to the OpenNebula developers and the process that we follow to 1) fix it, and 2) communicate security issues to our users.


How Do I Submit a New Feature Request?

You can report a bug by opening a new issue here. Please, make sure that you follow the template for new features and all sections have been completed:

  • Brief description of the new functionality
  • How are you going to use this new feature? Why do you need it?
  • Describe any changes to current interfaces including Sunstone, CLI and/or API

You should also specify if you are planning to allocate resources to implement the new feature. The issue id will be used to track future discussions about the new feature. Once the new issue has been created, you can bring it up for open discussion to the Community Forum.

We will contact you as soon as possible to gather more information and to give you some initial feedback about your request. Incorporating a new feature may take some time and, if given green light, is usually not ready until the next release cycle, at the earliest. Please note that when we update the roadmap of the project and plan the features that next release will incorporate, we prioritize:

  • The features demanded by the projects and organizations supporting OpenNebula
  • The features that are most demanded by the Community

After an internal analysis, your request is categorized and will be Pending in the Backlog until:

  • It receives the backing of the OpenNebula Community and is then categorized as Accepted in the Backlog
  • It is decided that is not in the scope of the project and is categorized as Closed

Backlog issues are long-medium term roadmap features to be implemented in OpenNebula. The priority of the issues will be graded (Low, Normal, High).

A backlog issue remains Accepted until:

  • It is assigned to a Milestone and so moved to the Feature list
  • It is Closed because it is no longer interesting for the OpenNebula Community

Feature issues are short term Accepted features with an assigned milestone