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How Do We Define our Roadmap?

The requirements of our users are the driving force behind all our development efforts. Cloud Computing is a highly competitive market that presents challenges for the continued success of OpenNebula. Our goal is to deliver a product that is compelling to users. This requires us to be agile and flexible in order to quickly adapt to users’ needs and to market challenges. Hence, the roadmap needs to be flexible enough to deal with and take advantage of rapid changes in cloud and data center developments. This is the reason why we only publish our short-term roadmap, which is the description of the features planned for the next release of the software.


How Do We Prioritize Features in our Short-term Roadmap?

When we create the short-term roadmap and plan the features for the next release, we prioritize:


How Do We Receive Feedback from the Community?

You may use the GitHub OpenNebula/one to file a bug report or an enhancement request. The issue will be used to track the discussions about the new feature. We try to contact you as soon as possible to have more information and to give you a first feedback about your request. Your Issue Request will be pending until it is decided either that it is not in the scope of the project and closed, or it is interesting for the OpenNebula community and will be added as a Backlog item or a Feature. Please consider that this can take some time, and it is usually not done until the next release cycle at the earliest.


What is the Roadmap for the Next Release?

A detailed list of planed features for the upcoming release of OpenNebula is available in the GitHub OpenNebula/One issues page.


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