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Welcome to the Red Alert 2 mod for OpenRA wiki!

Installing the mod

  • Download the latest version of the RA2 repository from https://github.com/OpenRA/ra2/archive/master.zip.
  • Unzip it and run make all (in the command line) on Windows and make on Unix systems.
  • Use launch-game.cmd on Windows and launch-game.sh on Unix systems to run Red Alert 2.

Alternate method

The method above automatically downloads the OpenRA engine from GitHub. If you have already cloned the engine (OpenRA), you may follow the instructions below.

  • Make sure the engine resides in ra2/engine. There should be a file named VERSION in ra2/engine.
  • Check out the appropriate version (as indicated by the ENGINE_VERSION variable in ra2/mod.config) of the OpenRA engine. For example, run git checkout release-20180307 in ra2/engine.
  • Edit ra2/engine/VERSION to match the value of ENGINE_VERSION in ra2/mod.config. For example, if ra2/mod.config says ENGINE_VERSION="release-20180307", then the contents of ra2/engine/VERSION should be release-20180307.
  • Create file ra2/user.config with the following contents: AUTOMATIC_ENGINE_MANAGEMENT="False"
  • Run make dependencies in ra2/engine. This fetches required external libraries.
  • Run make all in ra2

Installing the content manually

Note: Normally installing the content from the ingame content installer is enough.

The mod expects the original Red Alert 2 game assets in place. Put the .mix archives in the following directory depending on your operating system.

  • Windows: My Documents\OpenRA\Content\ra2\
  • Mac OSX: ~/Library/Application Support/OpenRA/Content/ra2/
  • Linux: ~/.openra/Content/ra2/

Create the ra2 directory if it does not exist.


The game can be bought and downloaded from the following official places:


If you own the original CDs:

  1. Locate Game1.CAB on CD1 in the INSTALL/ directory.
  2. Copy all required mixes into your content folder.

The mixes inside of Game1.CAB are ra2.mix and language.mix. Copy those two into your content folder.
For the soundtrack you want theme.mix from your CD.

The "Install content" panel shows still up?

Make sure that you have files named ra2.mix and language.mix in your content folder. Even though you e.g. extracted all mixes from ra2.mix (which would work ingame) the OpenRA content installer still looks for ra2.mix.

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