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This is the wiki for Open Source Malaria Series 4. Navigate between the various pages using the table of contents on the right.

This is an open source project, so anyone may edit this wiki, but if you do so, please provide a reason for the edit.

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What is OSM Series 4?

Aims, Concerns and Current Interest in Series 4

Sources of Data

Structure-Activity Relationships

Modification of Core Triazolopyrazine

Modification of Pyrazine Substitution Pattern

Modification of the Triazole Substitution

Pyrazine Side Chain Modifications - Ethers

Pyrazine Side Chain Modifications - Amides

Pyrazine Side Chain Modifications - Reversed Amides

Pyrazine Side Chain Modifications - Others


Biological Data Currently not Incorporated into the Main Wiki Sections

Physicochemical/Metabolic Parameters


Metabolism ID

Aldehyde Oxidase Assay

Stages and Efficacy

Liver Stage

Gametocyte Stage

In Vivo Efficacy

Potency vs. Resistant Strains

Other Observations

Mechanism of Action, Activity and Toxicity

Mechanism of Action: Possible PfATP4 Activity Deduced from Parasite Ion Regulation Assays

hERG Activity


Synthetic Chemistry

Synthetic Design

Synthesis of the Ether-Linked Series

Synthesis of the Amide-Linked Series

Synthesis of the Reverse Amide- Linked Series

Synthesis of Benzylic Functionalised Ether-Linked Series

Alternative Routes to the Triazolopyrazine Core

Triazolopyrazine telesubstitution


Late Stage Functionalisation

Fluoroalkene Isostere


Chirality, Relevant and Desirable Compounds

Chirality/Stereogenic Centres in This Series

Other Sources of Compounds Relevant to this Series

Desirable Compounds Not Yet Synthesised

Other Evaluations

Evaluations vs Other Organisms


Strings for Google

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