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This repo outlines how to get started contributing to Operation Code, each of our projects, the language they are written in, and their purpose.


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🎃 Hacktoberfest 🎃

We at Operation Code LOVE Hacktoberfest. While the official sponsors of Hacktoberfest are already offering t-shirts as a reward for finishing the Hacktoberfest challenge, we'll be offering our own prize system to encourage you to contribute to us. This is our 4th year in actively participating in Hacktoberfest and our 3rd year sponsoring our own prizes for contributions! ❤️

🎁 Prizes 🎁

  • Resolve 3 issues in any one of our repositories and receive a white or black Operation Code t-shirt!
  • Merge 2 pull requests in any one of our repositories and receive a small pack of Operation Code stickers!

📝 Submission 📝

When you're done celebrating Hacktoberfest with us, please submit your details via this form so that we can get in contact with you about shipping the prizes to you!


Welcome to Operation Code and thank you for your interest in contributing. Everything Operation Code does is open source. We love to receive contributions from our community — you! There are many ways to contribute, from writing tutorials or blog posts, improving the documentation, submitting bug reports and feature requests or writing code which can be incorporated into the website itself.

We've got quite a few repos, and we understand that can be overwhelming, so you can use this list to learn what the main applications are, and what languages they use.

In addition to any of these projects, you can join our Slack channel #oc-projects to learn how to contribute.

If you find yourself wishing for a feature that doesn't exist, you are probably not alone! There are bound to be others out there with similar needs. Many of the features that we have today were added because our users saw the need. Open an issue on our issues list on GitHub which describes the feature you would like to see, why you need it, and how it should work.

Your First Contribution

Working on your first Pull Request? Be sure to check the project's contributing guide, and you can learn about general guidelines for open source contributions from this free series, How to Contribute to an Open Source Project on GitHub.

Feel free to ask for help; everyone is a beginner at first 😸 If a maintainer asks you to "rebase" your PR, they're saying that a lot of code has changed and that you need to update your branch so it's easier to merge.

Once you've joined Operation Code as a member, after your first PR (pull request) contribution is accepted, please fill out this form to get your sticker!

Open Source Maintenance Policy

You can find our official Open Source Maintenance Policy in this repo.

Operation Code Repositories

Assuming you're ready and excited to work on Open Source Software with Operation Code, you'll want to choose the project that aligns with your interests most. From there, please be sure to read any and all documentation within the respective repository, including - but not limited to - and Please understand our documentation is kept up-to-date, so we hope you read it all before coming to our all-volunteer staff with questions. If there is a gap or a mistake in our documentation, please let us know immediately!

OC Challenge

Purpose A challenge for participating with and getting help with available resources
Languages You can contribute to a project in any language or modify a current project with the language you prefer.
Frameworks Open choice depending on the project
Link GitHub Repo


Purpose The backend API for
Languages Python
Frameworks Django
Link GitHub Repo


Purpose The frontend for
Languages Javascript
Frameworks React
Link GitHub Repo

OperationCode PyBot

Purpose Slack python bot for dealing with slack events.
Languages Python
Frameworks Sir-bot-a-lot
Link GitHub Repo

Resources API

Purpose Flask API for programming and cybersecurity learning resources.
Languages Python
Frameworks Flask
Link GitHub Repo

Town Crier

Purpose Slack bot with a cron like interface to notify members of Operation Code opportunities
Languages Javascript
Frameworks Node.js
Link GitHub Repo

Outside Organizations/Projects

Opentroops Projects

Various open source projects with veteran and military-affiliated contributors, and projects supporting military social issues.

Name Description Link
National Veterans Job Platform One job one veteran at a time. JobOps GitHub
Department of Veterans Affairs Developer Area This is a repository of APIs and data related to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). These APIs, data, tools and resources are intended to provide developers with what they need to develop web and mobile applications, design data visualizations and stories using resources from the VA. VaDeveloper GitHub
Department of Veterans Affairs Repo Beta version of GitHub
Mil-OSS Repo for mil-oss, a group dedicated to utilizing & developing open technologies for national defense. mil-oss GitHub Data Analyzation Project to analyze veteran entrepreneurship data from GitHub
Veteran-led Companies Database Project to collect data on veteran-owned companies. Veteran Companies GitHub
#VetsWhoCode A veteran-led and operated 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit that focuses on training veterans in web development and software engineering principles free of charge with the focus of starting careers as javascript developers. GitHub


This repo outlines how to get started contributing to Operation Code, each of our projects, the language they are written in, and their purpose.







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