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See unblocked, unassigned issues. We love our labels - feel free to filter issues to find what you want to work on.


This is the front-end application for OperationCode. We highly recommend joining our organization to receive an invite to our Slack team. After registering, you'll receive a Slack invite via email and will want to join the #oc-projects channel. You can get help from multiple professional developers, including people who have worked on the application since day 1!

Before contributing, please review our Contributing Guide.
Designers, please review our Contributing Guide for Designers

Quick Start

If you're unsure of how to start this app or code for it, don't worry! You're our target audience! Please read our Contributing Guide to learn everything you need to be able to ask the right questions on our Slack team.

In continuing with the quick start instructions, it is assumed that you are no stranger to React applications, the JavaScript ecosystem, and standard GitHub workflows such as forking, cloning, and branching.

Our entire UI library is documented via Storybook

Required versions of tools used within the repo:

  • Node: See .nvmrc
  • yarn@1
  • git@2.17.1 or greater
# Install dependencies

# Run local development
yarn dev

# Use Storybook as a workbench when developing new components
yarn storybook

# Run all unit tests
yarn test

# Run all Cypress tests (make sure your dev server is running)
yarn test:e2e

# Create all the necessary files/folders for a new, reusable component
yarn create-component $ComponentName

# Create the necessary file with a small boilerplate for a new page
yarn create-page $PageName

Open Source Gratitude

We appreciate the following tools/companies that are providing us a service or platform for free or a heavily discounted rate.

Sorted alphabetically:



Thanks to Chromatic for providing the visual testing platform that helps us review UI changes and catch visual regressions.



Thanks to LogRocket for providing time-saving context on every error and insight into our user's behavior,



Thanks to Sentry for a wonderful experience with cataloguing and managing errors.



Thanks to Vercel for hosting and continuous deployment of all our web applications.