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Stick Knights Online - 2D Side-Scroller Stickman Online Role Playing Game
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Documentation Readme + added documentation foundation Apr 4, 2016
StickKnightsOnline-Client bug fix and up patch # Mar 28, 2019
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.gitignore fixed items for sale map 3 Mar 24, 2019
StickKnightsOnline.sln Compiling working in Visual Studio 2015. Jan 7, 2018
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StickKnightsOnline.vcxproj.user fixing VS project, hasher, and sky image Mar 14, 2019

Stick Knights Online

Client source code for Stick Knights Online, an online side scrolling stickman role playing game.

Development Status

The codebase is currently undergoing heavy re-factoring in order to make it easier to expand and improve the game, as well making it more approachable to anybody who would wish to collaborate.


  1. Open operating_system.h and uncomment whichever operating system you are using, and comment those you are not ..* Example: If compiling on a Linux distrobution such as Ubuntu, comment out #define WINDOWS_OS 1 and uncomment //#define LINUX_OS 2

  2. Copy contents of Makefile. into Makefile ..* Example: copy contents of operating_system.linux.h into operating_system.h if on Ubuntu or another Linux distro.

More thorough/in-depth compile guidelines are planned.


Email: Website: Stick Knights Online

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