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Stick Knights Online - 2D Side-Scroller Stickman Online Role Playing Game


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Stick Knights Online

Client source code for Stick Knights Online, an online side scrolling stickman role playing game.

Development Status

The codebase is currently undergoing heavy re-factoring in order to make it easier to expand and improve the game, as well making it more approachable to anybody who would wish to collaborate.


  1. Open operating_system.h and uncomment whichever operating system you are using, and comment those you are not ..* Example: If compiling on a Linux distrobution such as Ubuntu, comment out #define WINDOWS_OS 1 and uncomment //#define LINUX_OS 2

  2. Copy contents of Makefile. into Makefile ..* Example: copy contents of operating_system.linux.h into operating_system.h if on Ubuntu or another Linux distro.

More thorough/in-depth compile guidelines are planned.


Email: Website: Stick Knights Online