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MBUtil is a utility for importing and exporting the MBTiles format, typically created with MapBox TileMill.

Before exporting tiles to disk, see if there's a MapBox Hosting plan or an open source MBTiles server implementation that works for you - tiles on disk are notoriously difficult to manage.


Git checkout (requires git)

git clone git://
cd mbutil
./mb-util -h

# then to install the mb-util command globally:
sudo python install
# then you can run:

Python installation (requires easy_install)

easy_install mbutil
mb-util -h


Usage: mb-util [command] [options] file|directory [file|directory ...]


Export an mbtiles database to a directory of files:
$ mb-util --export world.mbtiles tiles

Import a directory of tiles into an mbtiles database:
$ mb-util --import tiles world.mbtiles

Create an empty mbtiles file:
$ mb-util --create empty.mbtiles

Execute commands on all tiles in the mbtiles file:
$ mb-util --process --execute "COMMAND ARGUMENTS" [--execute "SECOND COMMAND"] world.mbtiles

Merge two or more mbtiles files (receiver will be the first file):
$ mb-util --merge receiver.mbtiles file1.mbtiles [file2.mbtiles ...]

Remove tiles older than 30 days from the database:
$ mb-util --expire=30 world.mbtiles

Fill a database with a given tile image
$ mb-util --fill --min-zoom=7 --max-zoom=12 world.mbtiles transparent.png

Check if a mbtiles file contains all tiles at a specific zoom level:
$ mb-util --check --zoom=7 world.mbtiles

Test tiles with a command, print tile coordinates for non-zero return values
$ mb-util --test --execute "COMMAND ARGUMENTS" world.mbtiles

Dumps a list of tiles to the console:
$ mb-util --tilelist --as-bboxes --zoom=11 world.mbtiles

Convert tile coordinates and bounding boxes:
$ mb-util --convert="13/4328/2861"
$ mb-util --convert="10.195312,47.546872,10.239258,47.576526" --min-zoom=12 --max-zoom=13

    -h, --help            show this help message and exit

    These are the commands to use on mbtiles databases

    -e, --export        Export an mbtiles database to a directory of files. If
                        the directory exists, any already existing tiles will
                        be overwritten.
    -i, --import        Import a directory of tiles into an mbtiles database.
                        If the mbtiles database already exists, existing tiles
                        will be overwritten with the imported tiles.
    -m, --merge         Merge two or more databases. The receiver will be
                        created if it doesn't yet exist.
    -u, --update        Update one database from another, based on updated_at
                        timestamps. The receiver will be created if it doesn't
                        yet exist.
    -p, --process       Processes a mbtiles databases. Only usefull together
                        with one or more --execute.
    --expire=DAYS       Remove tiles older than DAYS from the database.
    --check             Check the database for missing tiles.
    --test              Test every tile with the given command, print the tile
                        coordinate if the command returns anything non-zero.
    --fill              Fill a database with tile images where it
                        doesn't already contain tiles. Only usefull with
                        --min-zoom/--max-zoom and --tile-bbox/--bbox.
    --create            Create an empty mbtiles database.
    --tilelist          Dumps a list of tiles to the console.
    --convert=CONVERT   Convert tile coordinates 'y/x/z' to bounding box
                        'left,bottom,right,top' or vice versa.

    --execute=COMMAND   Commands to execute for each tile image. %s will be
                        replaced with the file name. This argument may be
                        repeated several times and can be used together with
    --flip-y            Flip the y tile coordinate during
                        Minimum zoom level for --export/--import/--merge/--upd
                        Maximum zoom level for --export/--import/--merge/--upd
    --zoom=ZOOM         Zoom level for --export/--import/--merge/--update/--pr
                        ocess/--check/--convert. (Overrides --min-zoom and
                        Minimum numerical timestamp for
                        Maximum numerical timestamp for
    --bbox=BBOX         Bounding box in coordinates 'left,bottom,right,top'
                        Bounding box in tile coordinates
                        'left,bottom,right,top' (10,10,20,20). Can only be
                        used with --zoom.
    --revert-test       For --test, print the tile coordinates if the command
                        returns zero.
    --as-bboxes         For --tilelist, print the bounding boxes for tiles.
    --auto-commit       Enable auto commit.
    --synchronous-off   DANGEROUS!!! Set synchronous=OFF for SQLite database
    --use-wal-journal   Use journal_mode=WAL for SQLite databases.
                        SQLite journal mode to use
                        (wal|delete|memory|truncate|persist|off). Defaults to
                        Runs some basic checks (like --check) on databases
                        before merging them.
                        DANGEROUS!!! After a --merge or --export, this option
                        will delete all the merged/exported tiles from the
                        (sending) database. Only really usefull with --min-
                        zoom/--max-zoom or --zoom since it would remove all
                        tiles from the database otherwise.
                        DANGEROUS!!! If a tile vanishes during --execute then
                        delete it also from the database or ignore it during
                        Pool size for processing tiles with --process/--merge.
                        Default is to use a pool size equal to the number of
                        cpu cores.
    --tmp-dir=TMP_DIR   Temporary directory to use for --execute (e.g.
    --vacuum            VACUUM the database after
    --analyze           ANALYZE the database after
    --progress          Print progress updates and keep them on one line.
    -q, --quiet         don't print any status messages to stdout except
    -d, --debug         print debug messages to stdout (exclusive to --quiet).

Special considerations

  • All mbtiles databases must be on the same host as the mb-util binary if you want to use the WAL locking mode.
  • Using --synchronous-off is dangerous since your database might get corrupted.
  • Use --tmp-dir=/dev/shm on Ubuntu to place temporary files on a ram disk.
  • Use --use-wal-journal if you want to udpate a database which is at the same time used for reading.
  • --auto-commit will disable transactions and therefore most probably slow down any insert operations to the database.
  • --auto-commit is always enabled for Postgres databases.


  • Python >= 2.6
  • SQLite >= 3.7.0
  • psycopg2 >= 2.4.6
  • oursql >=
  • PyMongo >= 2.7.2


mb-util imports and exports metadata as JSON, in the root of the tile directory, as a file named metadata.json.

    "name": "World Light",
    "description": "A Test Metadata",
    "version": "3"


This project uses nosetests for testing. Install nosetests and run



BSD - see


  • Tom MacWright (tmcw)
  • Dane Springmeyer (springmeyer)
  • Mathieu Leplatre (leplatrem)
  • Thomas Rasch (trasch)