@mh4x0f mh4x0f released this Dec 9, 2018 · 12 commits to master since this release

Assets 3


  • modularized and auto loaded proxy package
  • autoloaded plugins which is located inside core/server/http_handler/proxyhandler
  • modularized the wireless mode [mana, karma, etc]
  • the main tab (Home, Settings, Station, Activity Monitor) now segregated into its own file
  • all this pages are located under core/widgets/defaults
  • the setting tab it is now generated automatically
  • same as Setting page, the home page will also now automatically generated
  • made an easy refference for the FSettings by calling FSettings.getInstance()
  • FSettings call now located on the QApplication method instead of WifiPumpkin method.
  • added method for check if wireless mode binary exist [hostapd mana/karma]
  • added check if PumpkinProxy module dependencies is installed
  • added installer to enable Wireless Mode options Hostapd-Mana/Karma


  • fixed version beta alert and constants
  • fixed when include interface in Networking-manager
  • set ip class A by default
  • fixed [Errno 9] Bad file descriptor from dhcpserver
  • fixed #322 error when remove the client from tableWidget
  • set plugin BDFPROXY to hidden in Home
  • fixed home GUI design auto resize when maximized
  • save ssid name in config.ini
  • removed binary hostpad-mana
  • fixed Capture Image plugin
  • updated Qtimer Count hours and mins
  • fixed update all settings when restart AP #435

@mh4x0f mh4x0f released this Oct 21, 2018 · 23 commits to 0.8.7Beta since this release

Assets 2

Modularized and auto loaded proxy package, this has been a hard work segregating proxy into its own file. the proxy now can be added or removed just like plugin. it is located inside core/server/proxy/packages. user can create theier own proxy by following the existing example and focus on their new proxy without need to worry how it will be loaded into the program.

Modularized and autoloaded plugins which is located inside core/server/http_handler/proxyhandler

Modularized the wireless mode, it is now easy to add new wireless mode (hostapd), this to facilitate the other type of hostapd available out there (karma, mana) mode. the mode implementation are located under core/wirelessmode

The main tab (Home, Settings, Station, Activity Monitor) now segregated into its own file, if you want to add new tab, you will just need to subclass a base class which will load your new ui automatically. all this pages are located under core/widgets/defaults

The setting tab it is now generated automatically, this done if you subclassing CoreSettings class, the CoreSettings class is located in core/default/uimodel.py . after you subclassing the CoreSettings then you can generate your own user interface and it will be loaded in the Settings page

Same as Setting page, the home page will also now automatically generated if you make subclass of HomeDisplay class which is located inside core/default/uimodel.py

Moved the progrress bar display to the status bar next to the client counter.

Made an easy refference for the FSettings by calling FSettings.getInstance()

The FSettings call now located on the QApplication method instead of WifiPumpkin method.

@mh4x0f mh4x0f released this May 4, 2017 · 112 commits to master since this release

Assets 3


  • added new plugin TCP-Proxy
  • added capture image HTTP request (Tab ImageCap)
  • added new HTTP-request widgets get info from Headers requests
  • added new columm (url) on HTTP-Authentication
  • added now WF allow to start without internet connection
  • added option that exclude USB card on start
  • added support to use 2 wireless cards #211
  • added Python DNS Server improvements #165
  • added new style in progressbar on home
  • added option for check network connection Tab->Settings
  • added option for restore NM USB adpater after app closed #239
  • added plugin PumpkinProxy: disable browser caching, cache-control in HTML
  • added constants into a separate module [more modular design]
  • added new colorQListWidget [hover, selection]
  • added new design Qtableview for default theme
  • added hostapd option BSSID configuration [Settings TAB]
  • added show security password type option [Settings TAB]
  • added dashboard infor [uptime,threads,AP info] in tab home
  • added Qapplication: allow only one instance of WP to run
  • added more code organization in file main.py
  • added run WP without mitmproxy packager #309


  • remove netcreds plugin thks for all DanMcInerney
  • fixed possible bug when start AP with interface wlanx
  • fixed exit app when exclude USB adapter
  • fixed Network-ManagerUI again
  • fixed error: iptables Bad argument
  • fixed error TCP-Proxy plugin imageCap #218
  • fixed possible error [Errno 2] No such file or directory #217
  • fixed replace bs4 to BeautifulSoup #228
  • fixed argument for 's' must be a string #232 thanks @okazymyrov
  • fixed IndexError: Layer [Raw] not found #234
  • moved option settings -> Menu File
  • fixed hide error sslstrip exceptions.RuntimeError
  • fixed [Errno socket error] [Errno -2] Name or service not known #252
  • fixed control lock/unlock plugins tabs when changes options
  • fixed PhishingManager error when try shutdown httpd server
  • fixed Windows UpdateFake modules
  • fixed check return is NoneType from function get_interface_mac
  • fixed No such file or directory: 'settings/dhcpd.conf' #266
  • fixed Wireless Deauth module scan network with airodump-ng
  • fixed pumpking-proxy all plugins inject page #272
  • fixed issue #273
  • fixed function get ipaddress by interface
  • fixed dhcpserver exception try get hostname device #277
  • fixed set border just table home in default theme
  • fixed dhcpd server error can't read file or directory
  • removed monitors views [dns2proxy,urlcreds,credentials]
  • fixed bug not working as expected #279
  • fixed small bug with Table when add new users
  • added new icon WiFi-Pumpkin
  • fixed group all object PyQt4 QtGui,QtCore
  • fixed except when try import QtGui
  • fixed detect if range ip class is same the [DHCP Server] #285
  • fixed import QtGui thanks @Brain2000 #282
  • fixed redirect Traffic from all domain [dns spoof] #296
  • fixed cryptography kali 2017.3 thanks @yudevan #315
  • fixed import Queue module from multiprocessing #357
  • fixed bug module Queue #357
  • fixed renamed module Queue to queue [modules func]
  • fixed struct.error: argument for 's' must be a string [ARP poisoner] #326

@mh4x0f mh4x0f released this Dec 22, 2016 · 143 commits to master since this release

Assets 3


  • added new plugin Pumpkin-Proxy (mitmproxy API)
  • added new notifications for donations
  • added tables for logging plugins HTTP-request, PumpkinProxy, HTTP-auth
  • added enable/disable Wireless Security WPA Shared Key on Settings Tab
  • added support for update requeriments.txt when get news versions


  • fixed theme default QtableView Color hover
  • fixed logging name from jskeylogger plugin
  • fixed exclude from Network-manager by interface #149
  • fixed set the application GUI style QStyleFactory #151
  • fixed responder is not starting #162
  • fixed class DNSServer resolver domain (DNS Response)
  • fixed no Internet Connection AP DNSServer #164
  • fixed enable Copy/edit row from HTTP-Requests Tables #167
  • fixed update Responder and fixed SSL server on port 443 #166
  • fixed update version mitmproxy 0.17 to 0.18.2 #195
  • fixed dnsspoof module to redirect with plugin disabled
  • fixed ARPspoof module get MAC address by interface

@mh4x0f mh4x0f released this Oct 12, 2016 · 184 commits to master since this release

Assets 5


  • added new design main tool
  • added new column VendorMac in man Table
  • added set sorted in all Tablewidget
  • added new plugins options and description
  • added more options in statusbar main
  • added find file in directory cfg for check update
  • added error messages more explained
  • added option to set Hostapd binary path (support hostapd-mana)
  • added new plugin Responder (LLMNR, NBT-NS and MDNS poisoners)
  • added check if interface wireless support AP/Mode
  • added python implements a DHCP Server by psychomario
  • added function: get possible errors from hostapd service


  • fixed allow traffic to/from wlan (iptables)
  • changed the all directory structure characters to lowercase
  • ffixed No such file or directory [logs] #102
  • fixed Error nmcli exceptions.OSError #104
  • fixed improvements fuctions get_interfaces #109
  • fixed Redirect traffic from all domains in dnsspoof module
  • removed isc-dhcp-server(dhcpd) from dedependencies (optinal)
  • fixed installer:install mitmproxy in ubuntu
  • fixed get_file_cfg_Update: get update from github
  • fixed DNSServer: closes itself with this error #116
  • fixed report.py: check if module QtWebKit is installed #120

@mh4x0f mh4x0f released this Aug 18, 2016 · 199 commits to master since this release

Assets 2
  • re-design all GUI Menu->view
  • added new report logger GUI
  • added new sessions for Rogue AP loggers
  • added new plugin BDFProxy-ng
  • added new theme Orange and set as default
  • fixed error when launch airodump-ng scan the wireless networks #75
  • fixed IndexError: list index out of range on BDFProxy get_output #77
  • added new re-design module Deauth Wireless Attack
  • added some improvements in module Probe Wireless Request #78
  • added option: exclude USB Wi-Fi Adapter in NetworkManager persistently #69
  • added Documenting Code, fixed get device hostname from dhcpd
  • removed pledgie campaign and added only PayPal
  • fixed setup_logger in module PhishingManager
  • fixed redirect all HTTP with DNSSpoof when AP is enabled
  • fixed PhishingManager SetEnv path not working with dnsspoof #90

@mh4x0f mh4x0f released this Jul 16, 2016 · 208 commits to master since this release

Assets 2
  • moved progressBar to statusBar
  • fixed thread scanner IP in Modules::DNS,ARP spoof
  • changed plugins options to sslstrip+/dns2proxy, sslstrip/sergio-proxy
  • added option run AP without Proxy
  • added donate options
  • added ThreadHTTPServerPhishing in Module::UpdateFake
  • fixed PhishingManager::ServerThreadHTTP errno 98 address already in use
  • fixed duplicate logging::setup_logger when run more than once
  • fixed Thread::sslstrip added Reactor.run() to Threads
  • fixed error when running ettercap and driftnet in menu::tools #67
  • fixed directory module in ThreadHTTPServerPhishing
  • fixed domain-name-servers in dhcpd server
  • fixed re-design Modules DNS spoof, Update Fake Attack
  • added new module DNS spoof with NetfilterQueue
  • added support Parrot 3.0.1 to use AP with wireless connection #69

@mh4x0f mh4x0f released this May 8, 2016 · 230 commits to master since this release

Assets 2
  • fixed size QTableWidget on modules
  • fixed scanner fast ipaddress devices
  • added new QSettings Core/modules::Configure
  • added mac address interface to exclude NetworkManager
  • added dockArea Monitor -> Pumpkin-Settings
  • added progressBar for starting Thread
  • removed privillege.py: execute root app
  • added support to start AP with wireless connection
    • Kali Linux (Apparently not work, need some tests) :(
    • support kubuntu 15.10
    • support wifislax - 4.11.1
    • support parrot - 2.0.5
  • fixed performance start GUI::Core
  • fixed Qwidgets which already has a layout, add Exception get_network_scan() #36
  • fixed error when executed from symlink file #50
  • fixed error: too many open files, added ulimit
  • added Tab Pump-Settings -> [Class Ranges] options
  • fixed Pump-Settings->Advanced Mode:: allow run after started AP
  • some improvements on module DnsSpoof,ArpPoison and Core::main closeEvent
  • fixed error on "Settings" option #58
  • added Qprocess into Threads::Process,fixed run plugin::dns2proxy
  • fixed error Advanced Mode::monitor crashed application #60

@mh4x0f mh4x0f released this Jan 25, 2016 · 237 commits to master since this release

Assets 2
  • added new Pump-Logo default
  • added PumpSettings TAB DHCP configure
  • fixed no share internet with plugins sslstrip disabled
  • added new Modular Transparent Proxy tranks @xtr4nge sslstrip::mod
  • added new bypass HSTS by LeonardoNve sslstrip feature
  • fixed set router IP DHCP - Pump-Settings
  • added new plugins sergio-proxy
  • fixed logger duplicate injection::proxy
  • fixed get_interfaces method (netifaces module)
  • added new Tab Pump-Monitor Clients::RequestsAP
  • changed organizational structure::Core, fixed bug when logging in PumpkinProxy::url

@mh4x0f mh4x0f released this Dec 29, 2015 · 249 commits to master since this release

Assets 2
  • added update commits from repository
  • added QTableWidget filter (mac,ip,hostname) clients connected on AP.
  • added count of clients connected no AP.
  • changed name Tool Wifi-Pumpkin
  • locked dnsmasq support temporarily
  • added new modules Phishing Manager
  • some improvements in modules