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To be more flexible programming your Nextion for the MMDVMHost / Pi-Star setup, OM Lieven (ON7LDS) wrote a Nextion Driver.

It is mandatory for my Model 8 screens; I did not implement all possibilities (yet, work in progress), thought with the written procedure 'how to install' this driver you have all possibilities as are on this page.

The following text is written by ON7LDS (at the end of this text, there is a "how-to-install" part):

The purpose of this program is to provide additional control for Nextion display layouts other than the MMDVMHost supplied layouts. It does this by sitting between MMDVMHost and the Nextion Display. This program takes the commands, sent by MMDVMHost and translates, changes, adds or removes these commands.

The program will have to read MMDVM.ini to know the Layout, so it can set the baudrate accordingly.

The program can take some commandline parameters, but it also is possible to set the configuration parameters in the MMDVM configuration file by adding an extra section [NextionDriver].

The NextionDriver program will change the commands as needed and adds extra info (i.e. temperature, TG's info, ...) and sends this to the Nextion display.

This program also checks the network interface regularly, and it will show the most recent IP address, so you can check if the IP address changed.

When the files 'groups.txt' and 'stripped.csv' are present, user and talkgroup names will be looked up and sent to the display.

* NOTE1 : both files have to be sorted in ascending ID order !

* NOTE2 : for the user data lookup to work, you MUST switch off the DMRID lookup of MMDVMHost (check README-examples in the Nextion subdirectory)

The program also has the ability of receiving commands from the Nextion display. This way, one can provide buttons on a layout and do something in the host when such a button is pressed. One could, for example, make a 'system' page on the Nextion with system info and buttons to restart MMDVMHost, reboot or poweroff the host, ...

Yes, it is possible (when NextionDriver is running) to start/stop/restart MMDVMHost with buttons on the Nextion display !


log in to your Pi-Star with SSH

Then: cd /tmp

get the software

git clone https://github.com/on7lds/NextionDriverInstaller.git

go !

sudo NextionDriverInstaller/install.sh

Checking the installing (on Pi-Star)

log in to your Pi-Star with SSH

go to the /tmp directory

cd /tmp

get the software

git clone https://github.com/on7lds/NextionDriverInstaller.git

NOTE: if you get an error that the destionation path exists, you already downloaded the software. The just ho to the next step.

go !

sudo NextionDriverInstaller/check_installation.sh

You will notice that in the MMDVMHost beyond the Nextion part of that page, there are some additions regarding this Nextion Interface:

Check your software settings in Pi-Star:

Goto the Expert Page => MMDVMHost Editor (or mmdvmhost.ini file) to the Nextion part

  • check/set in the Nextion part, the driver at /dev/ttyNextionDriver (USB adapter) or /dev/ttyAMA0 (connected to GPIO-RPi)
  • check/set in the NextionDriver part
    • Port: /dev/ttyUSB0 (for USB adapter) or /dev/ttyAMA0 (connected to the GPIO pins of RPi)****
    • LogLevel: 2
    • DataFilesPath: /usr/local/etc/
    • GroupsFile: groups.txt
    • DMRidFile: stripped.csv

Reboot your hotspot.

Now you are ready to use the Model 7 Extended Edition screen layouts

73 de PD0DIB

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