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Computational Mass Spectrometry @ Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

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  1. .NET DLL wrapper for reading Thermo .Raw files. Uses ThermoFisher.CommonCore NuGet packages provided by Thermo Fisher Scientific

    C# 29 10

  2. Top down / bottom up, MS/MS analysis tool for DDA and DIA mass spectrometry data

    C# 28 7

  3. LIQUID Public

    Software tool for identifying lipids in LC-MS/MS-based lipidomics data

    C# 18 1

  4. Used to deisotope mass spectra and to detect features from mass spectrometry data using observed isotopic signatures.

    C# 13 4

  5. MASIC Public

    MASIC generates selected ion chromatograms (SICs) for all of the parent ions chosen for fragmentation in an LC-MS/MS analysis, characterizing the peak(s) in each SIC, computing peak statistics incl…

    C# 11 4

  6. The Molecular Weight Calculator can be used to calculate the molecular weight and percent composition of chemical formulas and amino acids (peptides). It includes several other utility modules and …

    C# 10 3


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