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@jeffputz jeffputz released this May 28, 2019

This is the first release since the v14 port to .NET Core. It focuses mostly on scale-out, bug fixes and refactoring. It also includes a rewrite of the admin area using Vue.js more as a rough-in to decide if it's capable (hint: it is!).


There are a number of schema changes in this release. Run the PopForums14to15.sql script included in the PopForums.Sql project manually against your database.

What's new?

  • General update of dependencies.
  • Rewrite of admin to use Vue.js. #120
  • Scaffolding for recording view data, correlating between users and topics (for future analytic use). #104
  • Optionally run background processes as Azure functions. #76
  • Social icons in profile. #119
  • Redis backplane for SingalR in multi-node hosting. #64
  • Migrated to Bootstrap v4.x. #94
  • Abandon decade-old constructors in models. #96
  • Remove first post preview from topic lists (no one used it). #97
  • Truncate error log instead of delete all. #103
  • Adopt Dapper usage in PopForums.Sql library. #105
  • Improve performance for IP history and security log. #106
  • Realign social links in profile to modern services. #107
  • Provide a standard way to fail distributed events. #117
  • Add support for ElasticSearch. #116
  • BUG: Over-zealous regex hangs unparse of client HTML. #118
  • BUG: Fix Favorite & Subscription Topic pages. #111
  • BUG: It's possible to submit empty posts with just returns. #82
  • BUG: TinyMCE is mangling hyperlinks. #125
  • BUG: TinyMCE is inserting extra attributes in image tags, breaking parsing. #128


  • Delete and ban buttons missing from admin user edit. #130

Known issues

  • The Azure Functions should be in the PopForums.AzureKit project, but they're not because of some goofy dependency problems with the Azure Functions SDK. It'll also throw up a warning about the Newtonsoft.JSON version that you can safely ignore.
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