A forum application running on ASP.NET Core, available in six languages.
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An MVC forum application with real-time updating and multiple languages.

The master branch is now the work-in-progress of v14, which will be for ASP.NET Core 1.0. If you're looking for the version that works on .NET 4.5.x with MVC 5, check out v13.0.2.

CI build of v14, running on .NET Core is demo'ing here: https://popforumsdev.azurewebsites.net/Forums

Latest release: https://github.com/POPWorldMedia/POPForums/releases/tag/v13.0.2

For the latest information and documentation, check the wiki (admittedly needs work): https://github.com/POPWorldMedia/POPForums/wiki

v13 Demo here: http://popforums.com/Forums