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Papirus - A free and open source SVG icon theme for Linux systems, based on Paper with a few extras like (hardcode-tray support, kde-color-scheme support, libreoffice icon theme, filezilla theme, smplayer themes ...) and other modifications. The theme is available for GTK and KDE.

Install / Update

ROOT directory

wget -qO- | sh

HOME directory for GTK

wget -qO- | sh

HOME directory for KDE

wget -qO- | sh


  • wget
  • tar
  • libqt4-svg (optional, need for right work on Qt4-apps)


wget -qO- | sh

Official packages

Distro Maintainer Package
Ubuntu-based distros Sergei Eremenko papirus-icon-theme (PPA)

Unofficial packages

Packages in this section are not part of the official repositories. If you have a trouble or a question please contact with package maintainer.

Distro Maintainer Package
Arch Linux Edgard Castro papirus-icon-theme-git (AUR)
Arch Linux Josip Ponjavic papirus-icon-theme-git (OBS)
openSUSE Leap 42.2 Maciek Krawiec papirus-icon-theme (OBS)

NOTE: If you maintainer and want be in the list please create an issue or send a pull request.

Hardcoded tray icons

Papirus icon theme now supports Hardcode-Tray script

NOTE: To get Papirus to work right with Hardcode-Tray, use the hardcode-tray option --conversion-tool Inkscape:

hardcode-tray --conversion-tool Inkscape


hardcode-tray -ct Inkscape


KDE color scheme

Support for monochrome icons for KDE color scheme is now available:

  • Papirus - for dark plasma theme & light color scheme
  • Papirus Dark - for dark plasma theme & color scheme
  • Papirus Light - for light plasma theme & color scheme


NOTE: Non-KDE apps not support KDE color scheme on tray, but you can replace color by manually.

What used colors for monochrome icons on KDE?


  • actions, devices, places - class Text color:#5c616c and class Highlight color:#5294e2
  • panel - class Button Background color:#d3dae3 and class Highlight color:#5294e2


  • actions, devices, places an panel - class Text color:#d3dae3 and class Highlight color:#5294e2


  • actions, devices, places an panel - class Text color:#5c616c and class Highlight color:#5294e2


  • For GTK, better use icons alongside GTK theme Arc Dark
  • For KDE, better use alongside Arc KDE

Manual fixes

For Cinnamon users with Arc Dark, use another color for tray icons for an optimal experience:

sudo sed -i.orig 's/white/#d3dae3/g' /usr/share/themes/Arc-Dark/cinnamon/cinnamon.css


Also increase panel size with text option because Papirus is only available for tray apps with sizes of 22px & 24px.

For Ubuntu users, we recommend using patched Notify-OSD with an icon size of 33px.

~/.notify-osd example:

slot-allocation = dynamic
bubble-expire-timeout = 10sec
bubble-vertical-gap = 10px
bubble-horizontal-gap = 10px
bubble-corner-radius = 24px
bubble-icon-size = 33px
bubble-gauge-size = 6px
bubble-width = 240px
bubble-background-color = 2f343f
bubble-background-opacity = 95%
text-margin-size = 10px
text-title-size = 100%
text-title-weight = bold
text-title-color = adb7bf
text-title-opacity = 100%
text-body-size = 90%
text-body-weight = normal
text-body-color = eaeaea
text-body-opacity = 100%
text-shadow-opacity = 50%
location = 1
bubble-prevent-fade = 1
bubble-close-on-click = 1
bubble-as-desktop-bg = 0


Also, you can change ubuntu logo of the main launcher and unity-tweak-tool icons. Check the extra folder in the icon theme.

Icon request

  • Application name
  • Icon name (see desktop-file option Icon on /usr/share/applications)
  • Original icon image

For new designers and developers

Papirus now has a manual to aid in easy development of new icons. Please see this info


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