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The Parker Lab at the University of Michigan

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  1. ataqv Public

    A toolkit for QC and visualization of ATAC-seq results.

    C++ 55 9

  2. atactk Public

    A toolkit for working with ATAC-seq data.

    Python 23 3

  3. ATAC-seq lab for BIOINF545

    Shell 21 11

  4. ATAC-seq lab for BIOINF525

    Shell 8 9

  5. BMO Public

    BMO - a tool for predicting TF binding from ATAC-seq data

    R 8 1

  6. Forked from porchard/ATACseq-Snakemake

    Standard Parker Lab ATAC-seq processing pipeline in Snakemake form

    Python 6 1


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