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@PaulSquires PaulSquires released this Jan 18, 2019 · 14 commits to master since this release

Version 1.9.0

  • Added: Goto Header file (.bi) (Ctrl+Shift+H). Option found in Search / Code Navigation.
  • Added: Goto Code file (.bas, .inc) (Ctrl+Shift+C). Option found in Search / Code Navigation.
  • Added: Goto Main file (.bas) (Ctrl+Shift+M). Option found in Search / Code Navigation.
  • Added: Goto Resource file (.rc) (Ctrl+Shift+R). Option found in Search / Code Navigation.
  • Added: Explorer treeview subnodes to hold Header, Resource, Main, Module, Normal files (for Projects only).
  • Added: User Snippets (insert user defined code snippets).
  • Added: Image Manager.
  • Added: Image related properties for the Button control and Form.
  • Added: PictureBox control.
  • Added: A search textbox added to Function List (filters the function list based on the search term).
  • Added: Creating a New Project will automatically add a default empty .bas main file (unsaved) to the project for convenience.
  • Added: Environment Option to Check for update at startup (once per day).
  • Added: Check for Updates added to Help menu.
  • Added: Next Tab, Previous Tab, Close Tab to the Search menu (Tab Navigation submenu).
  • Added: Next Function (Ctrl+PgDn), Previous Function (Ctrl+PgUp) to the Search menu.
  • Added: New About form replaces the generic messagebox.
  • Added: Pressing F6 or selecting "Sub/Function Definition" will open any #Include file on the current editing line.
  • Added: Additional info outputted to "Compile Log File" in Output window (Full compiler command line, filesize, compile time, error/warning count).
  • Added: "Open Templates... (Ctrl+T)" in the "File" menu. Previously, templates could only be accessed from the Toolbar.
  • Added: Sub/Function Definition (F6) will now work on Sub/Functions that are part of TYPE classes.
  • Changed: You must now hold down the SHIFT key to drag and drop tabs in the top tab control to reorder any open document tabs.
  • Changed: Updated FreeBasic Compiler to November 22, 2018 Nightly Build.
  • Changed: Lots of internal code refractoring. Many efficiencies found with regards to loading files/projects, saving, and displaying files. More internal code cleanup to occur in the next few future releases.
  • Changed: Removed loading of multiple projects into WinFBE at the same time.
  • Changed: When project is active, "Open File" will add file to project open it. "Add Files to Project" will only add the files to the Project but not display it.
  • Changed: Removed the option to display the successful compile results dialog. Result will now only show in the statusbar.
  • Changed: Any missing non-English translation phrases will now use the English phrase rather than nothing at all.
  • Changed: Moved "User Tools" from Options menu to "Tools" menu.
  • Changed: File Open file types now have *.inc included in "Code files". "FB Include files" change to "Header files".
  • Changed: Moved Bookmark menu entries to "Bookmarks" submenu of the "Search" menu.
  • Changed: Removed the "Save Declares File" menu option as it is obsolete.
  • Changed: Updated Spanish language translation file by José Roca.
  • Changed: Updated German language translation file by Joerg Buckel.
  • Changed: Updated Chinese language translation file by ganlinlao.
  • Fixed: Modified English.lang file to compress by 58 entries. Other language files will need to be slightly modified by their respective authors.
  • Fixed: Some issues with right-click menu on #Include line to display "Open " when a project is open.
  • Fixed: F3/Shift+F3 Find/Find Next accelerator tweaked slightly to ensure previously selected text gets searched.
  • Fixed: Parsing of multiline characters where both /' and '/ appear on the same line.
  • Fixed: Infinite loop when responding "No" to reload a currently loaded file that has been modified outside of WinFBE.
  • Fixed: The search option for 'Sub/Function Definition (F6)" was not correctly finding SUBS (Functions worked okay).
  • Fixed: Localization language editor in Environment Options / Localization not allowing editing (incorrect logic).
  • Fixed: Graceful creation of a default WinFBE.ini config file should it be missing or corrupted.
  • Fixed: The "Wait" cursor now correctly and consistently shows when loading a project, compiling code, or loading many files.
  • Fixed: Occasional problem of resizing/dragging of Explorer panel would not stop after left mouse buttonup action.
  • Fixed: No longer allow Read Only files to be edited. Statusbar message shows "Read Only".
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Jan 21, 2019
Code changes 20190120
Jan 18, 2019
Code changes 20190118

@PaulSquires PaulSquires released this Dec 9, 2018 · 54 commits to master since this release

  • Added: Click and Popup menu handlers are now created with a pre-populated SELECT CASE of menu item names.
  • Added: DoubleClick on Form area will now toggle to the code editor.
  • Changed: "Project", "Add Files to Project" no longer automatically shows the loaded files in the editor.
  • Fixed: Flickering of the statusbar message "Parsing: " when loading large projects.
  • Fixed: Delay when exiting WinFBE when large projects are active.
  • Fixed: 'State' label too wide and partially overlapped 'Checked' checkbox in Menu Editor.
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@PaulSquires PaulSquires released this Dec 8, 2018 · 55 commits to master since this release

  • Added: Localization file creation and editing. "Options" / "Environment Options" / "Localization".
  • Added: Check to prevent duplicate menu names that would result in a compile time error.
  • Changed: Removed the Environment option to specify the WinFBX chm help file. WinFBX help is now displayed using the markdown help browser.
  • Fixed: With AutoIndentation enabled, ELSEIF will now line up correctly to the parent IF/THEN headers.
  • Fixed: Background transparency of several Up/Down png graphics used within the editor.
  • Fixed: GPF for new Forms created since version 1.8.5. This was a regression in 1.8.5.
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@PaulSquires PaulSquires released this Dec 2, 2018 · 57 commits to master since this release

  • Added: Main Menu Editor and menu code generation for the visual designer.
  • Added: Sort alphabetically the filenames in the Help Viewer treeview nodes.
  • Changed: Removed Form property "ShowInTaskbar" as I could not implement reliable code to support it.
  • Fixed: With AutoIndentation enabled, all entered ELSE/ELSEIF and CASE/CASE ELSE lines now line up correctly to their parent IF/THEN or SELECT CASE headers.
  • Fixed: Help Viewer treeview height now matches the height of the embedded web browser.
  • Fixed: Code introduced to help fix random situation whereby the screen cursor remains as a spinning wait icon after a failed compile attempt.
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@PaulSquires PaulSquires released this Nov 13, 2018 · 58 commits to master since this release

  • Added: View ToolBox menu item is now implemented.
  • Fixed: Canceling New Project creation would not erase new project in memory object.
  • Fixed: Help Viewer screen flickering by adding WS_CLIPCHILDREN WS_CLIPSIBLINGS window styles.
  • Fixed: Help Viewer treeview nodes are now selected to reflect the currently loaded help page.
  • Fixed: When Help Viewer has focus, accelerator keys no longer act on the code editor.
  • Fixed: Sizing of embedded Help Viewer web browser so it resizes correctly at bottom of the form.
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@PaulSquires PaulSquires released this Nov 10, 2018 · 59 commits to master since this release

  • Added: Back, Forward, Print, Find buttons to the Help Viewer display dialog.
  • Added: MaximizeBox, MinimizeBox to the Help Viewer display dialog.
  • Changed: The generated HTML help file code no longer imposes a fixed page width of 728 pixels.
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@PaulSquires PaulSquires released this Nov 8, 2018 · 60 commits to master since this release

  • Added: CMaskedEdit control (from the WinFBX Library framework).
  • Added: ComboBox control.
  • Added: Code editor Calltips for the Frame control.
  • Fixed: CheckBox and OptionButton now correctly test for BN_CLICKED notification.
  • Fixed: "Custom Color" label in the PropertyList color picker would not display properly in WinFBE64.
  • Fixed: Pressing TAB key in the Replace popup form (Ctrl+R) will now move keyboard input focus between the Find and Replace textboxes.
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@PaulSquires PaulSquires released this Oct 7, 2018 · 61 commits to master since this release

  • Fixed: Regression causing build combobox to immediately close when clicked.
  • Changed: Updated the Spanish language file (thanks Jose Roca).
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