FreeBASIC Editor for Windows
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FreeBASIC Editor for Windows

Code is written using the FreeBASIC language and uses the Scintilla editing library (in DLL form).

The WinFBE Suite package (attached to each release as a compressed RAR file), is an all-in-one package including the latest WinFBE editor, FreeBASIC compiler (32 and 64 bit compilers), Jose Roca's WinFBX library, several Help files and all necessary Include files.


  • Unicode enabled.
  • 32 bit and 64 bit versions.
  • High DPI aware for any monitor resolution.
  • Language localization. Simple create language file based on English.lang file.
  • Localized for 9 languages:
    • English, French, Spanish, German, Czech, Italian, Chinese, Russian, Ukranian
  • Projects and non-project based editing.
  • Easy integration of Console or GUI based code.
  • Incremental compiling of code defined as a "module".
  • Easy including of Windows Resource files simply by specifying which source code file is the resource.
  • Seemless integration of the FreeBasic Compiler (both 32 bit and 64 bit).
  • Codetip popups and auto completion.


  • Windows Vista or later operating system. Windows XP is not supported because many newer API's are used in the source code.
  • FreeBASIC Compiler


WinFBE - Programmer's Code Editor for the FreeBASIC Compiler Copyright (C) 2016-2018 Paul Squires, PlanetSquires Software

The WinFBE editor is licensed under the GNU GPLv3 or later.