A project to make it easier for Peace Corps Volunteers to order their medical supplies from a local Peace Corps Office. Volunteers can order by sms or webform. PC Staff interact with the orders in a simple to use dashboard.
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PC Medlink - Peace Corps Medical Supplies

As seen on the White House Office of Science and Technology Blog: Keeping Volunteers Healthy One Text at a Time This project grew out of a National Day of Civic Hacking. You can see a live version of the site at pcmedlink.org.

Volunteer experience video

Support Staff experience video

Developing locally

If you have never run a Rails project on your machine, you might want to consult something like this to help get Ruby, Bundler, and the like all setup. If you have any questions at all, feel free to email James or post on the Google Group.

To get started with a local copy of the project, run

$ git clone git@github.com:PeaceCorps/medlink.git
$ bundle --without production

You'll want to set up Figaro now

Run this command:

$ rails generate figaro:install

This creates a commented config/application.yml file and ignores it in your .gitignore. Add the S3 configurations in this file like below. You can leave leave the strings empty if you don't want to use uploads.

  s3_access_key_id: "yourid"
  s3_secret_access_key: "yourkey"
  s3_bucket_name: "yourbucket"

  s3_access_key_id: "yourid"
  s3_secret_access_key: "yourkey"
  s3_bucket_name: "yourbucket"

From here you can get yoru database setup:

$ rake db:setup

Optional admin setup. Make sure git is configured globally as this becomes your admin username.

$ rake admin:create

and you should be off to the races. You can check your setup by running the specs with

$ rake spec

If it's green, you should be good to go. You can also generate a coverage report by running rake coverage.

Then create a pull request and we will review it and merge it into the repo. We also use Travis for Continuous Integration.


If you find a problem with the software

Please create an email describing the steps to reproduce the software problem and email it to support mailing list.


Special thanks to the consulting Peace Corp members, without whom none of this would be possible:

  • Patrick Choquette
  • Caitlyn Bauer
  • Jeffrey Rhodes
  • Danel Trisi
  • Kevin Sun
  • Chenheli Hua

Additional thanks to the RHoK team for their outstanding work getting this project off the ground:

  • John Croft
  • Jack Croft
  • James Dabbs
  • Diane Deseta
  • Kate Godwin
  • Jonathan Howard
  • Clint Lee
  • Gordon Macie
  • Emily Merwin
  • Laura Moore
  • Chae O'Keefe
  • Drew Pak
  • Gerry Pass
  • John Petitte
  • Luke J Reimer
  • Al Snow
  • Patrick Stoica
  • Jake Swanson
  • Nate Tate

We welcome other contributions - just open up an issue or a pull request.