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Unity il2cpp reverse engineer


  • Complete DLL restore (except code), can be used to extract MonoBehaviour and MonoScript
  • Supports ELF, ELF64, Mach-O, PE, NSO and WASM format
  • Supports Unity 5.3 - 2022.2
  • Supports generate IDA, Ghidra and Binary Ninja scripts to help them better analyze il2cpp files
  • Supports generate structures header file
  • Supports Android memory dumped file to bypass protection
  • Support bypassing simple PE protection


Run Il2CppDumper.exe and choose the il2cpp executable file and global-metadata.dat file, then enter the information as prompted

The program will then generate all the output files in current working directory


Il2CppDumper.exe <executable-file> <global-metadata> <output-directory>



Folder, containing all restored dll files

Use dnSpy, ILSpy or other .Net decompiler tools to view

Can be used to extract Unity MonoBehaviour and MonoScript, for UtinyRipper, UABE


For IDA, read il2cpp.h file and apply structure information in IDA


structure information header file

For Ghidra


For BinaryNinja

For Ghidra, work with ghidra-wasm-plugin


For, and Il2CppBinaryNinja


Contains all stringLiteral information


All the configuration options are located in config.json

Available options:

  • DumpMethod, DumpField, DumpProperty, DumpAttribute, DumpFieldOffset, DumpMethodOffset, DumpTypeDefIndex

    • Whether to output these information to dump.cs
  • GenerateDummyDll, GenerateScript

    • Whether to generate these things
  • DummyDllAddToken

    • Whether to add token in DummyDll
  • RequireAnyKey

    • Whether to press any key to exit at the end
  • ForceIl2CppVersion, ForceVersion

    • If ForceIl2CppVersion is true, the program will use the version number specified in ForceVersion to choose parser for il2cpp binaries (does not affect the choice of metadata parser). This may be useful on some older il2cpp version (e.g. the program may need to use v16 parser on il2cpp v20 (Android) binaries in order to work properly)
  • ForceDump

    • Force files to be treated as dumped
  • NoRedirectedPointer

    • Treat pointers in dumped files as unredirected, This option needs to be true for files dumped from some devices

Common errors

ERROR: Metadata file supplied is not valid metadata file.

Make sure you choose the correct file. Sometimes games may obfuscate this file for content protection purposes and so on. Deobfuscating of such files is beyond the scope of this program, so please DO NOT file an issue regarding to deobfuscating.

If your file is and you have a rooted Android phone, you can try my other project Zygisk-Il2CppDumper, it can bypass this protection.

ERROR: Can't use auto mode to process file, try manual mode.

Please note that the executable file for the PC platform is GameAssembly.dll or *Assembly.dll

You can open a new issue and upload the file, I will try to solve.

ERROR: This file may be protected.

Il2CppDumper detected that the executable file has been protected, use GameGuardian to dump from the game memory, then use Il2CppDumper to load and follow the prompts, can bypass most protections.

If you have a rooted Android phone, you can try my other project Zygisk-Il2CppDumper, it can bypass almost all protections.