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.NET Decompiler
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AvalonEdit (AvalonEdit) fix #544: Find text should search again when editor's te…
BuildTools Fixed UpdateAssemblyInfo error when git repository exists but git.exe…
ICSharpCode.Decompiler fix #554: Variables are moved outside of the block
ILSpy.AddIn fix #528: Open Build Output in ILSpy
ILSpy.BamlDecompiler fix #470: BAML to XAML conversion does not generate escape sequence {…
ILSpy Type "where used" analyzer - reduce memory usage
Mono.Cecil Allow System.Runtime for System Type Lookups.
NRefactory properly handle encoding in XmlDocumentationProvider (see #485)
SharpTreeView Update AvalonEdit and SharpTreeView to
TestPlugin Add support for opening .netmodules.
doc Fixing SendMessage API example
packages Addin: Replace VS references with @sharwell's v10 NuGet packages
.editorconfig change formatting settings to be consistent with the rest of ILSpy
.gitattributes Add .gitattributes and normalize newlines
.gitignore git: Ignore Roslyn temp files
.tgitconfig Add tgit.icon project config
ILSpy.sln update AvalonEdit to 5.0.2
README.txt List the MS-PL in the README.
Rebracer.xml updated Rebracer.xml
clean.bat Add build scripts.
debugbuild.bat Add build scripts.
releasebuild.bat Add build scripts.


ILSpy is the open-source .NET assembly browser and decompiler.

Copyright 2011-2014 AlphaSierraPapa for the SharpDevelop team
License: ILSpy is distributed under the MIT License.

Included open-source libraries:
 Mono.Cecil: MIT License (thanks to Jb Evain)
 AvalonEdit: LGPL
 SharpTreeView: LGPL
 ICSharpCode.Decompiler: MIT License (developed as part of ILSpy)
 Ricciolo.StylesExplorer: MS-PL (part of ILSpy.BamlDecompiler.Plugin)

ILSpy Contributors:
	Daniel Grunwald
	David Srbecky
	Ed Harvey
	Siegfried Pammer
	Artur Zgodzinski
	Eusebiu Marcu
	Pent Ploompuu
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