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SDL Perl – Simple Direct Media Layer for Perl


  1. Fork (there is a button near the name) the repo https://github.com/PerlGameDev/SDL
  2. Get a local copy: http://help.github.com/fork-a-repo/
  3. Hack Hack Hack Hack
  4. Add your change to the CHANGELOG file
  5. Add your name to the lib/pods/SDL.pod file
  6. Commit using: git commit -a -m “whatever”
  7. Push using: git push origin
  8. Go to your git-hub site and click on pull request to tell me to pull it, when you are ready.


  • Release 2.2.1
    • Merge the 2.1.3 Kartik fork with the 2.2.1 mainline
    • Critical Bug Fixes in several areas
    • Solve SDL_INIT_EVERYTHING problem in App.pm
  • Release 2.4
    • Create build scripts and instructions for packagers (Alien or otherwise)
    • Host binary for most platforms [Maintainers are doing this]
    • Fix XS namespaces [kthakore: started work]
    • Fix initialization fails due to missing hardware (Sound Card).
    • Finish the Applet Droppers for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux [Maintainers are doing this]
  • Release 2.5
    • Extend SDL API support
    • Enhance OpenGL support to latest spec or depend on POGL
    • Begin SDL::Game library
  • Release 3.0.0
    • Memory Leak Fixes
    • Have an alpha parrot parse that generates either pure XS or P5NCI

Release 3.5

  • Something along the lines of this : v3.5
  • Have parrot parser generate parrot NCI calls for perl 6

Wish List

  • Perl Game Library
  • RWOps callbacks
  • Return to automagical constants
  • OpenGL shader support