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Rehashing the old perl SDL binding on
Perl XS C Perl6 Other
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MacOSX Accidently added ppport to bundle file for Mac build
inc/My just need to run Build test as an external cmd if we use SDLPerl as i…
lib update version to 2.546
logo First commit of SDL_Perl-2.1.3
scripts making docs match SDLpp's actual name
share replacing bold font with regular one
src fix segfault when cleaning up MixChunks on windows
t Add strict and warnings
t_backcompat fixed namespace for Carp::cluck
test replacing copyright-dubious aircut3.ttf
tools Tidied
xt perltidy
.gitignore Preparing for 2.534_02 release
Build.PL update Alien::SDL's version and add Module::Build
CHANGELOG add changes to changelog
COPYING New version of GPL text (Closes #245)
INSTALL B3HG491: Removed SDL_net && renamed SDL_tiff to just tiff as FROGGS a…
MANIFEST.SKIP ignoring files that end up with ~
OFL-FAQ.txt unix linefeeds
OFL.txt unix linefeeds add travis build status icon to
SDL_perl.supp Added valgrind suppression errors for perl.12.0 misrepresented errors
perltidyrc redid perltidy
typemap using INT2PTR, to convert stored pointers to right size

SDL Build Status

NAME SDL Perl - Simple DirectMedia Layer for Perl


DESCRIPTION SDL Perl is a package of Perl modules that provide both functional and object oriented interfaces to the Simple DirectMedia Layer for Perl 5. This package takes some liberties with the SDL API, and attempts to adhere to the spirit of both the SDL and Perl.

The SDL Perl Development Team Please see: HTTPS://GitHub.Com/PerlGameDev/SDL/contributors

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