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Slurps the latest stable version of every Plugin and/or Theme in the WordPress Directory.
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WPDS (WordPress Directory Slurper)

WPDS is a cross-platform CLI tool built with Go. Slurps down the latest version of every Plugin and/or Theme in the WordPress Directory. Comes with inbuilt searching and formatted search summaries. Based on the Plugin and Theme Directory Slurpers by markjaquith, clorith, ipstenu and chriscct7.

Note: WPDS is still in early development and therefore may contain bugs or miss features.


None. WPDS is a self-contained executable.


Download the relevant file for your operating system from the releases page, then either run it from the directory you want it to work in or put it into your PATH and it will use the current working directory.


Slurp Plugin Directory

wpds update plugins

This will start a new slurp or continue the existing slurp using the latest revision found in /plugins/.last-revision.


  • Download the Plugin Directory
  • Update the Plugin Directory files
  • Download the Theme Directory
  • Update the Theme Directory files
  • In-built Searching
  • Search Summary Generation


Why did you remake the previous tools in Go?

Building the CLI tool in Go removes any requirements and provides full cross platform support, making it easier for everyone to use.

It also allowed me to build the search functionality into the tool, removing further requirements.

Why download the zip files? Why not use SVN?

An SVN checkout of the entire repository is a BEAST of a thing. You don't want it, trust me. Updates and cleanups can take hours or even days to complete.

How long will it take?

Your first update will take a while (at last testing around 2-3 hours using the default settings).

But subsequent updates are smarter. The script tracks the SVN revision number of your latest update and then asks the plugins SVN repository for a list of plugins that have changed since. Only those changed plugins are updated after the initial sync.

How much disk space do I need?

As of April 2018:

73,629 Plugins- extracting 518,453 folders, 2,690,570 files, taking up 40.7 GB of space.

Something went wrong, how do I do a partial update?

The last successful update revision number is stored in plugins/.last-revision. You can just overwrite that and the next wpds update plugins will start after that revision.

What is this thing actually doing to my computer?

Once downloads have started, the CLI tool will display its progress including how many of the themes/plugins it has downloaded out of the total and an estimated completion time.


GNU General Public License 2.0, see LICENSE.

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