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WordPress Theme for Pirate Parties round the world

Theme for pirate parties worldwide. This theme allows to chose between the mostly used color combinations (purple and orange) as main colors for designing elements. It uses several free to use pirate symbols and allows custom CSS. It was created for the german pirate party as replacement for their prior wordpress theme.

Theme autor

Informations and download


  • Theme design and some functions based on the wonderful work of Elmastudio ( on theme Uku.
  • Underlying frameworks: Bootstrap, AwesomeFont, jQuery

How To chance CSS and other things

Notice for developers:

Since 1.4.9 i moved the SASS-Code into /src/sass and added a gulpfile for

  • building CSS files run with: gulp dev for an unminified dev version and gulp build for the minified version for the productive website
  • performing a css validation test gulp dev will report the css validation; Or use gulp validatecss
  • update version numbers
    • gulp dev or gulp devversion will update the version number to a subpatch dev level number
    • gulp dev or gulp upversionpatch will update the version number to a patch level number
  • upate the pot file gulp pot will update the language index

To make it work, you habe to install npm on your computer and make a npm install -save-dev into the working directory of your theme files.

If you need to, you could add a css watcher or add also the the gulp script to merge all js files.

If you chance something in the code, please perform a version update. Make a gulp dev as long you are working in your own repo. Once you commit it to the main repo, please do a gulp build . This will update the version number in an automatic way.