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💡✏️️ ⬇️️ JSON to Markdown converter - Generate Markdown from format independent JSON
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Torsimany: JSON to Markdown converter

Translate any JSON file to stylish, human-readable Markdown.



💡✏️️ ⬇️️


To install Torsimany using pip:

pip install torsimany

Downloading the code from this repository:

git clone
python install


Torsimany uses standard modules already included with your fresh python installation.


torsimany [JSON_FILE].json


An awesome .markdown file translated by torsimany from the given JSON input.

Useful Tools

Online JSON Schema visualizer: JSON Editor online

Online Markdown editor/render:


Welcome ye Hacker! All ideas are welcome, open/close issues, fork the repo and share your code with a Pull Request.

You can clone this project to your machine:

git clone
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