A simple instant-comments-section for pages based on PHP at the server, and _optionally_ JavaScript at the front end
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  (c) 2011 Mike "Pomax" Kamermans

This projects aims to make the concept of quickly adding a
comments section to pages trivial, by offering a PHP script
(EasyPageCommentsphp) that takes care of the message
administration (using PDO-SQLite for storage) as well as
the content generation. An explanation can be found on:



- Drop-in install
- Separate comments listing and comment form injection
- All elements can be individually styled using CSS
- Threaded commenting with nested replies
- Allows multiple comment sections on a single page
- Email post and reply notification
- Posting as owner is password protected
- RSS feed link per comment section
- Simplified posting for users you say are logged in
  (no need for them to fill in their name and email
  address or security questions)
- Works in either simple or rich mode, depending on
  whether you need to support browsers that don't support
- Backed SQLite (file based) databases, which makes it
  really easy to migrate and/or administrate
- Hash aware. Regardless of how late you generate comments,
  jumping to hash still works.
- Error highlighting when trying to post with missing
  or illegal form fields.


I'm still figuring out the precise license for this.
Basically you're free to use it however you want, but if
you're using it on sites in a way that allows you to make
more money, a donation would be fair.

If you want to include it with a for-sale commercial
product, contact me first.