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fork of master branch from git:// (read more on wiki). If you want to fork do it only with master (the other branches are temporary and are always rebased on master). alternative interface
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Latest commit cd39342 @Ponce 20160206.1 global branch merge.
Signed-off-by: Matteo Bernardini <>
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academic academic/tophat: Fix Build.
accessibility accessibility/easystroke: Fix build with newer GCC.
audio audio/gogglesmm: Updated for version 1.0.12.
business business/reckon: Modified SlackBuild for ruby-2.2.3.
desktop desktop/wmctrl: Fix for x86_64
development development/xdebug: Updated for version 2.3.3.
games 20160206.1 global branch merge.
gis gis/pointcloud: Fix build against postgresql 9.5.
graphics graphics/graphviz: Fix php ini file location.
ham ham/fldigi: Build with extra/fltk.
haskell haskell/hscolour: Update DOWNLOAD url.
libraries 20160206.1 global branch merge.
misc misc/dvtm: Updated for version 0.15.
multimedia 20160206.1 global branch merge.
network 20160206.1 global branch merge.
office office/LibreOffice: Fix Build on x86.
perl perl/perl-Mail-DomainKeys: Make build process automatically.
python python/llfuse: Updated for version 0.42.1.
ruby ruby/chronic: Modified SlackBuild for ruby-2.2.3.
system system/adobe-source-serif-pro-font: Support alternate tarball name.
.gitignore git/gitignore: Add RPM in gitignore.
.mailmap Add .mailmap for easy mapping of nicknames to email addresses
ChangeLog.txt Public www update: Sun Jan 17 02:28:42 UTC 2016
README 20160206.1 global branch merge.


SBo-git - slackbuilds repository for slackware-current
- - -

this is a unofficial fork of master branch from's
git repository (

here I put my unofficial mods to their slackbuilds to run on
slackware-current with sbopkg (

Check for additional informations.

for instructions on how to use this repository with sbopkg.

original README from follows:

See for instructions on 
how to use the contents of this directory.

Access is also available via:
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