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Robby Workman's announce

this is a unofficial fork of master branch from slackbuilds.org git repository.

here are unofficial mods to their slackbuilds to run on slackware-current with sbopkg.

  • master branch will follow slackbuilds.org repository;
  • on every update of the original master branch, I'll rebase the other branches (you can see them in "branches") on it;
  • on current branch will be merged in one commit the modified build scripts (all the other branches);
  • current-with-date tags will be used to indicate a release that can be synced or downloaded as tarball.

if you just want to see the modified code for interested packages (some are optional updates) just select the branch from main menu (or from branch list) and then click on the commits ids on the right to visualize the patches (another interface that uses cgit is available)

this is the sbopkg queue i use for building my packages (follow these hints to setup this repository in sbopkg).

I'll gladly accept contributions: remember you can fork the slackbuilds.org git repository yourself (you can use this master, I'll try to keep it in sync) if you like to have your private branches ;)

enjoy :)