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Please note that the current code is undergoing a major overhaul!

PowerNex Logo

PowerNex is a OS written in the D Programming Language. The goal is to have a whole OS written in D, where the PowerNex kernel powers the core.

The name PowerNex comes from the words power and next. A kernel to power the next generation of hardware.

System requirements

  • A 64bit processor
  • At least 512 MiB of ram (less will probably work)

Build Instructions

It requires a crosscompiler, which can be aquired by running ./toolchainManager.d. PowerNex is using a custom build system. For its code look inside build.d, src/buildlib.d, and src/*/project.d.

To use the following shortcuts run source in your shell.

  • c - Removes the build files
  • v - Compiles PowerNex
  • b - Compiles and runs PowerNex in qemu
  • bd - Compiles and runs PowerNex in qemu, with debug logs to qemu_debug.log
  • a - Runs addr2line on the kernel
  • al - Runs addr2line on the loader
  • log - Runs tail on the COM1.log, and demangles and inserts colors for the entries.

How to contribute

Thanks to

  • Adam D. Ruppe - For his, which contains a bare bone minimal d runtime.
  • Bloodmanovski - For his D Kernel Trinix, His files for booting x64 really helped me a lot in the beginning.
  • Lukas "zrho" Heidemann - For his Hydrogen project. It really inspired and help me to make PowerD, the intermediate bootloader.



Mozilla Public License, version 2.0