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Dev Docs Code Style Guide

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Developer Documentation

Code Style Guide

We have tried to stick as much as possible to using consistent code styles when developing the SpaDES package codebase. This style guide is largely adapted from Hadley Wickham's Advanced R Style Guide, but there are some differences. We encourage contributors to adhere to these coding conventions.

Notation and naming

File names

  • Use descriptive lowercase filenames.

  • Use dashes (instead of underscores or periods).

  • Use .R as the file extension.

  • If files need to be run in a specific sequence, use a number prefix

    # good
    # bad

Object names

  • Variable and object names should be concise and descriptive nouns.

  • Functions and methods should be named using concise and descriptive verbs.

  • Avoid using the names of existing variables and functions.

  • Use lowerCamelCase.

  • Do not use periods nor underscores.

  • Use TRUE and FALSE instead of T and F.

    # good
    # bad



  • Use spaces around operators (e.g., +, -, =, <-).
  • Don't use spaces around :, ::, and :::. (Should this also apply to := in data.table?)
  • Spacing can be used to improve alignment/readability.

Curly braces

  • { should never be on its own line (it should end the line; never begin it).
  • } should always be on its own line unless followed by else.
  • Use curly braces for if else statements.
  • Code inside curly braces should be indented.

Line length and indentation

  • Try to limit lines to 80 characters.
  • Indent using 2 spaces. Only use spaces (no tabs).
  • Spacing can be used to improve alignment/readability.


  • Use <- instead of =.


Comments and documentation

  • Use comments to explain why (and if the code is complicated or uses shorthand, what) the code is doing.
  • Use a single # (with trailing space) to denote commented lines.
  • Document every class, function, etc. you write.
  • Use #' to denote documentation blocks (see roxygen2 documentation: vignette("rd", package = "roxygen2")).