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Add a paragraph in 1.7.5 changes page about the _legacy_link

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## About getAdminLink and _legacy_link
The 1.7.5 version offers a conversion from legacy links to new migrated Symfony pages. Meaning if you use the `Link::getAdminLink`
method somewhere in your modules to access a page that has been migrated, PrestaShop automatically converts it to the new Symfony
migrated url.
This prevents module developer to update their links each time a page has been migrated. However in many places the method is not
used with the url parameters as arguments. Parameters are concatenated after the getAdminLink call. This can result in wrong conversion
use cases, so you might need to refactor the way you use this method.
//You shouldn't write
$link->getAdminLink('AdminOrders') . '&id_order={$order->id|intval}&vieworder';
//But rather
$link->getAdminLink('AdminOrders', true, [], ['id_customer' => $customer->id|intval, 'viewcustomer' => 1]);
Although this won't be a problem for legacy controllers, but as they will get migrated getAdminLink won't work any more
if it is not used properly, so we advice you to refactor your getAdminLink beforehand.
You can find more details about this new feature in the [Controller and Routing][controller-routing] page.
* [Related issue on module Google Ananlytics (GitHub)](
[controller-routing]: {{< relref "1.7/development/architecture/migration-guide/" >}}

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