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=                                                                     =
=                                                                     =
=  Notepad 2e - light-weight Scintilla-based text editor for Windows  =
=                                                                     =
=                                                                     =
=                                                    Notepad2 4.2.25  =
=                                       (c) Florian Balmer 2004-2011  =
=                                =
=                                                                     =
=  Extended edition (c) 2013-2016                                     =
=                                                                     =
=                                      by Proger_XP and contributors  =
=                      =
=                                                                     =

The Notepad2 Source Code

  This package contains the full source code of Notepad2 4.2.25 for
  Windows. Project files for Visual C++ 7.0 are included. Chances are
  that Notepad2 can be rebuilt with other development tools, including
  the free Visual C++ Express Edition, but I haven't tested this.

Rebuilding from the Source Code

  Notepad2 4.2.25 is based on Scintilla 2.24 [1].


  To be able to rebuild Notepad2, the source code of the Scintilla
  editing component has to be unzipped to the "scintilla" subdirectory
  of the Notepad2 source code directory.

  Many of the Scintilla lexing modules are not used by Notepad2. Run
  LinkLex.js to adapt the list (in "scintilla/src/Catalogue.cxx") and
  make linking work properly.

Creating a Compact Executable Program File

  Linking to the system CRT slightly improves disk footprint, memory
  usage and startup because the pages for the system CRT are already
  loaded and shared in memory. To achieve this, the release version of
  Notepad2.exe is built using the Windows Driver Kit (WDK) 7.1.0 tools,
  available as a free download from Microsoft. The appropriate build
  scripts can be found in the "wdkbuild" subdirectory. Set %WDKBASEDIR%
  to the directory of the WDK tools on your system.

How to add or modify Syntax Schemes

  The Scintilla documentation has an overview of syntax highlighting,
  and how to write your own lexing module, in case the language you
  would like to add is not currently supported by Scintilla.

  Add your own lexer data structs to the global pLexArray (Styles.c),
  then adjust NUMLEXERS (Styles.h) to the new total number of syntax
  schemes. Include the "scintilla/lexers/Lex*.cxx" file required for
  your language into your project. Ensure the new module is initialized
  (in "scintilla/src/Catalogue.cxx"), either by manually uncommenting
  the corresponding LINK_LEXER() macro call, or by updating and
  re-running LinkLex.js.


  See License.txt for details about distribution and modification.

  If you have any comments or questions, please drop me a note:

  (c) Florian Balmer 2004-2011

  (c) Proger_XP and co. 2013-2016

Extended Edition Changes

  Current Word Highlighting - with customizable formatting (rectangle,
  border, etc.) and colors. 3 modes: one occurrence in document, two
  or more but all are visible, multiple with some hidden under scroll.
  MaxSearchDistance INI setting controls maximum lookahead/behind
  distance to prevent performance degradation on very large files.

  Edit Selecton page- and line-wise (or current word if there's no
  selection) - easy renaming of variables, fixing typos, etc. Hotkeys:
  Ctrl+Tab (page), Ctrl+CapsLock (line).

  Selection evaluation: file size group in the status bar is replaced
  with the recognized expression's result. Left click toggles the base
  (bin, oct, dec, hex), double click copies result to the clipboard.

    - Selection must be shorter than 4096 symbols.

    - Special case: expression with only digits, dots and any ignored
      symbols (below) is treated as a series of whitespace-separated
      numbers that are summed up. For example: 12,3 45.6 $78 =
      123+45.6+78 = 246.6.

    - If expression has commas but no dots and is still valid after
      making commas dots - converted is used: 12,30 + ,1 = 12.40.

    - Ignored symbols: , $ whitespace, and everything after = sign.

    - If result has no fractional part - period and zeros are hidden.
      Fractional part is discarded for all bases but dec.

    - Expression is locale-insensitive and follows English locale so
      that comma is a thousands separator (thus ignored) and period is
      a decimal part separator.

    - Syntax:

      - ( ) + - * / ^ (power)
      - 0x (base prefix)
      - b o d h (base suffixes)
      - div mod shl shr and or xor not

  Vim-like Edit > Find Next/Previous Word (Ctrl+[Shift]+8) for quick
  case-insensitive navigation between highlighted words (independent of
  this mode settings). Seeks to next/previous word if none at cursor.
  It's independent of normal Find/Replace. Searches for word at cursor
  if there's no selection, or previously used word if there is.

  Vim-like Edit > Lines > New Line Above/Below. If Auto Indent is
  enabled and the caret is already at line start/end (whitespace
  excluded) - indentation of the previous line is used, otherwise - of
  the current line.

  Shift+Tab always unindents, even if the caret isn't at line start
  (exactly as Edit | Block | Unindent). Tab behaviour not changed.

  Find (Ctrl+F) now has Grep/Ungrep buttons (working on regexp too).
  In case of active selection these operate on selected lines only.
  Buttons are disabled in regexp mode if Search String has errors.
  Line feeds are removed from Search/Replace strings (Paste artifacts).

  Open Previous (Alt+G) - lets you toggle between two most recent
  History files with one keystroke.

  Open Dialog allows opening by prefix - so instead of typing the full
  file name or selecting with your mouse you can only type name's
  beginning and hit Enter or click Open to open the first matching file.
  This is disabled by default - set OpenDialogByPrefix to 1 in the INI.

  Better Save To Dialog - new file extension is determined first by
  DefaultExtension INI setting (as before) but then if current file was
  previously opened from or saved to disk its old extension is used as
  default (even if it's empty). If new file name ends on period file is
  saved without extension.

  Open/Save File dialogs now start with the path of last opened file.

  Added File > Open Next/Previous (no hotkeys but with available toolbar
  buttons) to open files going before/after current in its directory.

  Now remember Insert Tag (Alt+X) - now Opening and Closing tags are
  retained until Notepad is closed.

  Insert HTML Tag (Alt+X) now skips whitespace within the selection.

  Case-insensitive Find for Cyrillic characters - previously search was
  always case-sensitive regardless of Match case flag.

  Scroll margin for Find and other commands to make sure they preserve
  33% or 50% lines above and below the match (customizable).

  Trimming Go To - now in Line and Column first number substring is
  extracted and used to navigate. For example, "abc567.89" will navigate
  to 567.

  Go To Absolute Offset - extension of Goto (Ctrl+G) dialog. Respects
  different charsets to the best extent possible.

  File > Launch > Command (Ctrl+R) now retains the path until another
  file is opened.

  File Shell Menu (Alt+R) - invokes Explorer's context menu for
  currently opened file. Current directory is set to file's path.

  Rename To (Alt+F6) - acts as Save As but deletes original file on

  Disabled triple-click and triple-Ctrl+Space behaviour that previously
  caused selection of the entire line (now keep word selection). Line
  can still be selected with standard Ctrl+Shift+Space hotkey.

  Changed default gutter style from size:-2;fore:#ff0000 to size:-1.

  Gutter is now auto resized if it can't fit max line number.

  Upgraded Scintilla library to latest version at this time (3.6.6).

  Replaced incomplete Notepad2 regexp implementation with full-featured
  Scintilla PCRE with (a|b), backreferences (Replace String included),
  etc. Old regexp didn't support UTF-8 buffers, only ASCII - new does.

  Intelligent Enclose Selection (Alt+Q). When "before" string consists
  of one of { ( [ < then "after" is set to the same number of } ) ] >.
  When "before" consists of one of:
             ` ~ ! @ # % ^ * - _ +  = | \ / : ; " ' , . ?
  ...then "after" is set to "before" string (wiki/Markdown editing).

  Added Edit > Block > Unwrap Brackes At Cursor (Ctrl+Shift+3) to
  compliment Ctrl+3-5. Removes brackets of type ( { [ < around current
  caret position (whichever type comes first). Respects nesting.

  Added Edit > Block > Unwrap Quotes At Cursor (Ctrl+Shift+4) to
  compliment Ctrl+1-2/6. Removes matching " ' ` around the caret (text
  is scanned to the left to determine the quote type). Does not account
  for nesting or escaping. Multiline.

  Insert HTML/XML Tag (Alt+X) supports { ( [ in addition to < when auto
  filling Closing tag: {{#if var}} -> {{/if}}, [quote] -> [/quote].
  It also skips leading non-word symbols when determining tag name:
  {{ #if }} or {{#if}} -> {{/if}}, not {{/}} as in the original.

  Added Edit > Special > Strip HTML Tags (Shift+Alt+X) to remove
  <tags> inside selection or if there's none - first leftmost tag.

  Added Edit > Special > Escape HTML (Ctrl+Shift+Alt+X) to turn < > &
  into &lt; &gt; &amp; respectively inside selection or everywhere.

  Ctrl+Wheel Scroll - very handy to navigate long scripts. Roll the
  wheel while holding Ctrl down to scroll through entire pages (similar
  to Page Up/Down).

  Added HighlightLineIfWindowInactive setting to keep current line
  highlight even if the window is not focused (especially useful for
  Windows' X-Mouse behaviour).

  When dropping an object from another application on an empty line -
  line break is added automatically.

  The Find icon on the toolbar changes to the stop icon whenever the
  search hits last result in that direction, regardless of Wrap Around.

  Notepad has a hidden feature of web search: set WebTemplate1-2 keys
  in Notepad2.ini to and then press
  Ctrl+Shift+1-2 with active text selection to navigate to that URL
  (with %s replaced but not URL-encoded).

  Another hidden feature: if Replace With is ^c - clipboard contents
  will be used instead.

  File > Encoding > UTF-8 now has Shift+F8 hotkey assigned.

  File > Line Endings > Unix now has Alt+F8 hotkey assigned.

  Edit > Copy Add (Ctrl+E) now uses single line break and when pressed
  without active selection appends the entire line. Also fixed it not
  working on empty clipboard.

  Now Retain caret position and selection when file is re-coded (File >
  Encoding menu items).

  Find/Replace dialogs' Search String input responds to Ctrl+Backspace.

  Go To Last Change (Ctrl+Shift+Z) - moves caret to the position of last
  Undo action.

  Replace Settings in All Instances - very useful if you have dozens of
  Notepad windows open and need to change settings in one of them;
  select this to make all others reload them from disk (not from this

  Reload Settings from Disk (Alt+F7) - replace all settings in current
  window with fresh version read from Notepad2.ini.

  Added new syntax schemes:

    - ASN1
    - bash
    - CoffeeScript
    - D
    - Lisp
    - Lua
    - Markdown
    - NSIS Script
    - OCaml
    - Ruby
    - Rust
    - TeX
    - YAML

  CSS syntax scheme improvements:

    - Added CSS 3 properties.

    - Enabled //-inline comments (Ctrl+Q) that are used in LESS, SASS
      and other preprocessors.

    - Fixed brackets of nested rules that were not matching in some
      cases (visually and with Ctrl+B).

Extended Edition INI Configuration

  Notepad 2e-specific settings are grouped under [Notepad2e] section.

    int, bitflag; extend standard CSS highlighting to support:
    1 - Sassy, 2 - LESS, 4 - HSS; can be combined: 3 = Sassy + LESS

    int, bool; enables creation of debug log in the program's folder

    int, bool; control Ctrl[+Shift]+8 search like normal Find flags;
    Match Whole Word Only is always enabled

    int, bool; if unset, current line is not highlight if window is
    inactive (default Notepad2 behaviour)

    int, KiB; maximum lookahead/behind distance for word highlighting;
    if too large, navigation in big files will lag since it will search
    the buffer for twice this length on every position change

    int, bool; if set, Open File dialog can be submitted if only a
    prefix of an existing file name was typed

    int; sets vertical margin (0 - none as in Notepad2, 1 - 33%,
    2 - 50%) for commands that can scroll the buffer, including:

    - F3  F2    Ctrl+8        and Shift versions
    - Ctrl+]    Ctrl+[        and Shift versions
    - Page Up   Page Down     and Shift, Alt+Shift versions

    int, bitflag; controls behaviour of Shell Menu (Ctrl+Shift+R),
    see uFlags here:

    int, bool; enables scrolling by Ctrl+Wheel

    int, ms; when using Ctrl+Wheel, buffer will be scrolled at most
    once per this interval

    int, bool; if disabled caret is not moved/selection changed on RMB
    (right mouse button) click

    int; type of decoration for a word that's also present elsewhere
    in the document (SelectionType), on the visible page (PageXXX),
    not present at all (SingleXXX) or when it's in Edit Mode (EditXXX)
    using Ctrl+Tab; for values see:

    str, BGR; foreground highlight color like 0xFF0000 (blue, not RGB!)

    int; opacity value (0-255) for foreground highlight color

    int; opacity value (0-255) for highlight outline color

    int, bool; correspond to Scintilla's SCI_INDICSETUNDER