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Project OSRM: C++ backend
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Latest commit 6077708 @TheMarex TheMarex Merge pull request #1964 from Project-OSRM/libosmium-2.6.0
Update libosmium to v2.6.0
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cmake Create public facing libraries for extractor, contractor and datastore
config new cucumber profile for Jenkins that doesn't fail because of an old …
docker No longer install osmosis in docker env
example Remove boost fusion dependency in RouteParameters
features Support passing OSRM_SHARED_LIBRARY_PATH env variable for cucumber tests
include Removes potentially dangerous and misleading lat, lon subscript oeprator
profiles Merge pull request #1818 from gardster/side_road_tag_support
scripts Fix python2
src Same undefined behavior from shifting into the sign bit in Storage
test Create public facing libraries for extractor, contractor and datastore
third_party update libosmium to v2.6.0
unit_tests Create public facing libraries for extractor, contractor and datastore
.clang-format don't binpack parameters on 100 column width
.clang-tidy Integration scripts for Clang's Modernize and Tidy tool. Add simple cncc file
.gitignore Revert "Build osmium_convert in order to be able to eventually replac…
.gitmodules Removing Docs submodule
.travis.yml Only run script on linux
CMakeLists.txt Removes check-hsgr Use as mainpage untill we have something better.
Gemfile change copyright line from personal names to project
Gemfile.lock upgrade to cucumber 2.0
LICENCE.TXT We are at 2016 for the license Add link to documentation in the wiki
Rakefile add raketask for clearing test cache files
appveyor-build.bat Fix AppVayor tests
appveyor.yml Enable AppVeyor only for master/develop and PRs
build-local.bat Remove commented out line in windows build script. History is what gi…
profile.lua readding profile.lua
taginfo.json Add taginfo checker script and update taginfo


The Open Source Routing Machine is a high performance routing engine written in C++11 designed to run on OpenStreetMap data.

Current build status

build config branch status
Linux  master Build Status
Linux  develop Build Status
Windows master/develop Build status
LUAbind fork  master Build Status


For instructions on how to build and run OSRM, please consult the Wiki.

To quickly try OSRM use our free and daily updated online service


See the Wiki's server API documentation as well as the library API documentation

References in publications

When using the code in a (scientific) publication, please cite

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