Demo server

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Mapbox hosts an OSRM demo server at with

Example query in Berlin:,52.52167215019524;13.4197763,52.5003103?geometries=geojson&alternatives=true&steps=true&generate_hints=false

You can find API documentation on the project page and in this wiki.

Note: the demo server usage is restricted to reasonable, non-commercial use-cases. We provide no guarantees wrt. uptime, latency, or data updates. If in doubt please ping us and ask first. Or use a commercial service such as Mapbox.

More details re. Mapbox-hosted demo server:

  • The demoserver runs stable releases, it will no longer run from master.
  • The dataset is a slightly modified car.lua, plus Mapbox's freeflow traffic data over the top - this should give more accurate ETAs in areas where Mapbox has traffic coverage than plain car.lua.
  • Hints are disabled on the new setup - the hint= parameter is accepted but ignored. This is because we're cycling the dataset every few hours behind the scenes, hints get invalidated quickly.
  • The demoserver will have a service-wide rate limit of 5000 req/minute. Looking at past logs, it stays below this about 98% of the time, but be prepared for HTTP 429 responses, and be aware that heavy usage may cause rate limiting for everyone else if you flood the server.
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