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Disk and Memory Requirements

Daniel J. H edited this page Jul 5, 2017 · 1 revision

Note: the following rough numbers are as of v5.8 and on OpenStreetMap planets from July 2017.


For the car profile you will need

  • around 175 GB of RAM for pre-processing
  • around 280 GB of STXXL disk space

you'll also need 35 GB for the planet .osm.pbf file, and 40-50 GB for the generated datafiles.

For the foot profile the latest number we have are about 248 GB of RAM. Everything else is proportionally larger.

The profile has a big impact on size - the foot profile includes a lot more ways/roads/paths than the car profile, so it needs more resources. The cycling profile sits somewhere in between.


For the car profile you will need

  • around 64GB of RAM

We basically just load all the files into memory, so whatever the output file size from pre-processing - that's roughly how much RAM you'll need (minus the size of the .fileIndex file, which is mmap()-ed and read on-demand).

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