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This is S3l3ctor, an open source, sub $100, 6 chroma filament selector system currently under development. You can print any color (up to 6) you want without changing your extruder design.

S3l3ctor is:

  • A 100% open source filament selector
  • Costs under $120
  • Can use up to 6 colors at once
  • Lets you keep your extruder
  • Can work on any printer with a USB port or spare pins
  • Being developed by Matt when he's not doing homework
  • Is undergoing closed Alpha testing right now

S3l3ctor is not:

  • Done yet
  • Accepting donations not made in 4043d
  • A MMU2 clone
  • Requires changing extruder hardware
  • For the faint of heart (yet!)

S3l3ctor is an open source filament selector under development. Development is being led by ThatMattGuy (Matt) in collaboration with other community members.

At this point the project is undergoing closed alpha testing and will have an open beta starting soonTM. I mean you print the parts, but it's likely not a good idea yet.

Link the the Github STLs.


Printed Parts:

STL Name Quantity
MainBodyV2 1
barrelidlerholder_v2.STL 1
barrelMotorholder_v2 .STL 1
A1R1__Body_spring_x2.STL 0
A1R1_AssemblyHolder_x2.STL 2
RetainerV2.STL 2
A1R1_SplitterShroom_x1.stl 1
A1R1_tumblerV64_maleEnd_x1.stl 1
A1R1_tumblerV64_motorEnd_x1.stl 1
A1R1_tumblerV69_pin_x6.stl 6
A1R1_tumblerV69_withsupports__x6.stl 6
For Skelestruder People:


Item Quantity Example link
Bolts (how many? What size?) Soon^tm
Square nuts 2 Spares bag
608 bearings 8 ebay
Mk8 Gears 6 Amazon
Pc4-M10 fittings, pass through or drill them out 7 soon^tm
PTFE tubing ID 2mm OD 4mm couple meters ebay


Item Quantity Notes and URL
RAMPS + 5x A4988 drivers + Mega kit 1 ebay link - TODO find a better kit link
12v 2 amp power brick 1 If you want to externally power S3l3ctor - Example brick - TODO find a better example
12v 2 amp buck converter 1 OPTIONAL - For those who want to run off a 24v PSU. Make sure you have enough PSU headroom! Example - TODO verify links
If you have a 12v PSU and want to power off the PSU You're fine, nothing needed here :D
Microswitch with bearings 9 Something like this

For a RAMPS setup: Set of RAMPS plus at least 2x A4988s (usually 5x) plus Mega Either a 12v brick (2 or more amps) or 24v to 12v buck regulator off of printer PSU 2x NEMA 17s 7-8x microswitches with bearings



Shaft preperation

Begin by filing, grinding or otherwise abrating a flat a mm or two deep (doesn't really matter), and about 5mm long. While you have the shaft out, make sure that your 625 bearings will slide smoothly along the shaft. They shouldn't slide smoothly like a linear bearing, but at the same time they should not need pounding. A more scientific way to quantify this is with a calipers - if the bearings' ID is more than 30 micron undersized (4.97mm or so), the fit on the 5mm rod is going to be close. Like, probubly too close. I reccomend measuring bearings and

Main Body

Magic Mushroom


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