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To Be Fixed

Inconsistent Extrusion

Inconsistent Extrusion is still not fixed. Many details can be seen at Github Issue #602.

To Be Improved



  • Basic Configuration
  • Linear Correction
  • Compatibility with Brigandier's PrusaMeshMap plugin
  • Support for M117, LOAD_FILAMENT, and UNLOAD_FILAMENT gcodes




Todo (ordered by priority)

  • Mesh Leveling Alpha 2 (Parameterized Variables, support larger probe sample and bicubic interpolation, custom gcode to report json serialized probe points to the terminal for Brigandier's plugin)
  • Live-z support
  • Fan sensors
  • Filament sensors
  • Use z tops to tram x axis (ram into top)
  • Support for homing z axis at center of bed naively rather than through G0
  • Octoprint plugin supporting Klipper installation and upgrades
  • Support for display connected directly to the Pi



@leefla -> write up better instructions already! :-)

Todo (ordered by priority)

Bed Leveling Modifications

Mesh bed leveling is nice, but ultimately it leaves parts with curved bottoms (or curved all the way through, if no Z fade is present) or skew. This can be mitigated by leveling the system properly.


  • Octoprint Plugin has been made for quickly understanding bed level issues.
  • Wave springs under the bed standoffs allow for bed curvature correction.


  • Create Y axis rod mounts that allow leveling
  • Create Z stepper mounts that allow leveling
  • Create Z axis endcaps that allow leveling


@jltx write up SCAD -> STEP flow

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