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This page contains profiles (configuration files) for various slicer software, such as Simplify3d, Slic3r / Slic3r PE, Cura, etc.

Printer Slicer Link Description
MK3 Slic3r PE MK3 Pretty PLA Profile.ini Pretty PLA Profile from Chris Warkocki
MK3 Slic3r PE Benchy profiles Profiles from Discord user kwaad2 for generating test benchies
MK3 Slic3r PE 0.6mm Production Profiles Contains PETG and PC profiles for 0.6mm nozzles tuned for very strong and rigid parts from BuzzAldrin.
MK3 Slic3r PE RealFilament PETG Configs Contains PETG Profiles for Filament from REAL Filement brand from ManuGithubsteam.
MK3     Slic3r PE FFF World FlexiSmart TPU Configs Contains TPU Profiles for FlexiSMART Filament from FFF World brand from ManuGithubsteam.
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