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Free SharePoint Framework solutions by Puzzlepart
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Pzl.Ext.EnableTeams Dev (#7) Feb 8, 2019
Pzl.Ext.GoogleAnalytics Pzl.Ext.GoogleAnalytics - Tracker id starts with "GTM-"- or "UA-" Jan 9, 2019
Pzl.Ext.GroupLogo Fix for hooking extension correct Oct 23, 2018
Pzl.Ext.HighlightHome Updated sppkg Aug 6, 2018
Pzl.Ext.MoveCopyPage Upgrade to SPFx v1.7 Dec 12, 2018
Pzl.Ext.PDFExport Dev (#7) Feb 8, 2019
Pzl.Ext.StatusBar.GroupExternalDisclaimer Added powershell to codeblocks for apply template Apr 11, 2018
Pzl.Ext.StickyListHeader Update Nov 3, 2018
Pzl.Part.Breadcrumb Update Pzl.Part.Breadcrumb/src/webparts/pageNavigation/components/Pag… Oct 24, 2018
Pzl.Part.Divider Dev (#7) Feb 8, 2019
Pzl.Part.HookMeUp Initial commit Mar 20, 2019
Pzl.Part.Tiles Pzl.Part.Tiles - set package name Sep 14, 2018

Free SPFx solutions from Puzzlepart

This repository contains free to use SharePoint Framework solutions by Puzzlepart. You can use and modify these as you please.

If you want to employ our services to install or customize these, contact

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