🚀 PyPlanet is the next-gen Server Controller for ManiaPlanet (v4+). Using Python3 and AsyncIO.
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This repo contains the PyPlanet package.

For installation, configuration and development instructions head towards our website: http://pypla.net/

Git Structure

Master is always the latest development environment. We develop features in different branches feature/* or bugfix/* appending with the issue key of GitHub.

Crafting releases is done at the release/1.1.x branches. The branch is created from the master at the moment the freeze moment goes in. Only bug fixes are accepted to be merged into the release/* or master branches (and merged into release again), name these branches bugfix/ISSUE-ID.

After releasing (from the release branch) it gets a version tag. From this point there is no way back, new bug releases will be crafted from the release branch (release/0.1.x for example).

Visualization of our current release schedule can be found here: Release Schedule


All PyPlanet versions bellow 1.0.0 are not using semantic versioning. After 1.0.0, there is a strict semantic versioning (v2) versioning policy in use.


Pull requests and issues are more then welcome. Please open a ticket before a pull request if you are not yet sure how to solve or want opinions before your implementation. (optional).