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9 TODO.txt
@@ -6,7 +6,8 @@ Must-Have (before 1.0)
- Add a ``handler`` ZCML directive. This implies some slightly dicey
refactoring of the configurator to allow it to generate ZCML
- "discriminators" for views and routes.
+ "discriminators" for views and routes, that could be implemented in terms
+ of "twophase configuration" in "should have" below.
- Provide a .flash API on session object.
@@ -40,8 +41,6 @@ Must-Have (before 1.0)
-- Try to make test suite pass on IronPython.
- Add docs for httpexceptions module for each webob.exc class that inherits
from WSGIHTTPException.
@@ -58,9 +57,13 @@ Should-Have
- Change "Cleaning up After a Request" in the urldispatch chapter to
use ``request.add_response_callback``.
+- Twophase configuration (config = Configurator(autocommit=False))
+- Try to make test suite pass on IronPython.
- Non-bwcompat use of threadlocals that need to be documented or ameliorated:
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