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1 parent fb0e0b6 commit c898cecdb8204176f26ba001ba9d104f9881362e @audreyr audreyr committed with reedobrien
6 docs/tutorials/wiki2/basiclayout.rst
@@ -16,8 +16,10 @@ Application Configuration with ````
A directory on disk can be turned into a Python :term:`package` by containing
an ```` file. Even if empty, this marks a directory as a Python
package. We use ```` both as a marker indicating the directory
-it's contained within is a package, and to contain configuration code. Our
-```` file will look like this:
+it's contained within is a package, and to contain configuration code.
+Open the ``tutorial/tutorial/`` file. It should already contain
+the following:
.. literalinclude:: src/basiclayout/tutorial/
6 docs/tutorials/wiki2/definingmodels.rst
@@ -21,11 +21,15 @@ Making Edits to ````
(or they may live in a Python subpackage of your application package named
``models``) , but this is only by convention.
-Here's what our ```` file should look like after this step:
+Open ``tutorial/tutorial/`` file and edit it to look like the
.. literalinclude:: src/models/tutorial/
:language: py
+ :emphasize-lines: 19-21,24,26,28
+(The highlighted lines are the ones that need to be changed.)
The first thing we've done is to do is remove the stock ``MyModel`` class
from the generated ```` file. The ``MyModel`` class is only a

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