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fix some cross-references and markup
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commit dc272d12ec4fd9b8b3b54889b2ff9c7e5e3b8bd4 2 parents 84e455c + 5e28d6f
@mmerickel mmerickel authored
10 docs/narr/scaffolding.rst
@@ -74,11 +74,15 @@ concrete examples of scaffold directories (``zodb``, ``alchemy``, and
After you've created the template directory, add the following to the
``entry_points`` value of your distribution's ````:
- [pyramid.scaffold]
- coolextension=coolextension.scaffolds:CoolExtensionTemplate
+.. code-block:: ini
+ [pyramid.scaffold]
+ coolextension=coolextension.scaffolds:CoolExtensionTemplate
For example::
+.. code-block:: python
def setup(
entry_points = """\
@@ -95,7 +99,7 @@ because that's the name we gave it in the entry point setup. Running
output directory named ``MyStuff``.
See the module documentation for :mod:`pyramid.scaffolds` for information
-about the API of the :class:`pyramid.scaffolds.PyramidScaffold` class and
+about the API of the :class:`pyramid.scaffolds.Template` class and
related classes. You can override methods of this class to get special
2  docs/narr/security.rst
@@ -331,7 +331,7 @@ A principal is usually a user id, however it also may be a group id if your
authentication system provides group information and the effective
:term:`authentication policy` policy is written to respect group information.
For example, the
-:class:`pyramid.authentication.RepozeWho1AuthenicationPolicy` respects group
+:class:`pyramid.authentication.RepozeWho1AuthenticationPolicy` respects group
information if you configure it with a ``callback``.
Each ACE in an ACL is processed by an authorization policy *in the
8 docs/narr/subrequest.rst
@@ -223,16 +223,16 @@ unconditionally:
:meth:`~pyramid.config.Configurator.set_request_property`) on the subrequest
object passed as ``request``
-- causes a :class:`~pyramid.event.NewRequest` event to be sent at the
+- causes a :class:`` event to be sent at the
beginning of request processing.
-- causes a :class:`~pyramid.event.ContextFound` event to be sent when a
+- causes a :class:`` event to be sent when a
context resource is found.
- Ensures that the user implied by the request passed has the necessary
authorization to invoke view callable before calling it.
-- causes a :class:`~pyramid.event.NewResponse` event to be sent when the
+- causes a :class:`` event to be sent when the
Pyramid application returns a response.
- Calls any :term:`response callback` functions defined within the subrequest's
2  docs/narr/threadlocals.rst
@@ -129,7 +129,7 @@ follows:
ever be called within application-specific forks of third-party
library code. The library you've forked almost certainly has
nothing to do with :app:`Pyramid`, and making it dependent on
- :app:`Pyramid` (rather than making your :mod:`pyramid`
+ :app:`Pyramid` (rather than making your :app:`pyramid`
application depend upon it) means you're forming a dependency in the
wrong direction.
7 docs/narr/viewconfig.rst
@@ -908,10 +908,11 @@ per :ref:`protecting_views`.
.. _debug_notfound_section:
-:exc:`NotFound` Errors
+:exc:`~pyramid.exceptions.NotFound` Errors
-It's useful to be able to debug :exc:`NotFound` error responses when they
+It's useful to be able to debug :exc:`~pyramid.exceptions.NotFound`
+error responses when they
occur unexpectedly due to an application registry misconfiguration. To debug
these errors, use the ``PYRAMID_DEBUG_NOTFOUND`` environment variable or the
``pyramid.debug_notfound`` configuration file setting. Details of why a view
2  docs/narr/webob.rst
@@ -487,7 +487,7 @@ module.
Each class is named ``pyramid.httpexceptions.HTTP*``, where ``*`` is the
reason for the error. For instance,
:class:`pyramid.httpexceptions.HTTPNotFound` subclasses
-:class:`pyramid.Response`, so you can manipulate the instances in the same
+:class:`pyramid.response.Response`, so you can manipulate the instances in the same
way. A typical example is:
.. code-block:: python
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